Shooting With A Micro 4/3 Camera

Earlier on, I had shared about my photowalk with my friend, Symon at the Gardens By The Bay East.

I mentioned that we had fiddled with each other’s cameras and today he sent me shots that I had taken with his camera.

Symon has been dabbling in photography way earlier than I did. And he’s a firm believer in the Micro Four Thirds system for his photography needs. I, on the other hand, went straight to DSLRs when I was ready for a camera that was fancier than a standard compact camera.

The camera he had was the Olympus E-P3 and it was pretty impressive. It has functions that are comparable to my DSLR and is less than 1/3 the size of my gear. The major disadvantage of such a system is that it has a much larger crop factor, which means to get the same shot as a DSLR, you would have to move backwards a little.

The thing I loved most about this camera was its image processing. There was a filter called Dramatic Tone which I loved. It made all the shots look like they were artist impressions!

For a comparison of the shots which I had taken with my DSLR on the same day, go to my post on Gardens By The Bay.

Symon has invested in some sweet lenses and one of my favourites was his 45mm f1.8 lens. He shot me with this lens and I am just drooling at the creamy bokeh.

If I could start my photography journey all over again, I think I would have seriously considered going for a Micro 4/3 system instead of a DSLR. If what they say is right.. that it’s the photographer, not the equipment that matters.. then I wouldn’t mind not lugging 4kg of equipment everywhere I go. =p

Just for fun, go read my earlier post on Why You Should NOT Buy A DSLR too.



  1. Hi Bing I have just found your blog. I am doing research about life in Singapore. I learned a lot from your blog.

    I am from China. Currently I am a PhD student of financial engineering in the United States. My mom and I are planning on moving to Singapore permanently. We look forward to becoming your fellow citizens.

    I agree with Jim Rogers, a billionaire investor who moved to SG. He said in 2007 – Asia is the future. It was brilliant to move to Britain in 1807. It was brilliant to move to America in 1907. And it is brilliant to move to Asia in 2007.

    Whenever I tell my American friends of my plan, they would tell me how much they admire Singapore. When social commentators debate on how to fix America’s broken economy, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and politics, they almost always cite Singapore as a positive example.

    China’s meteoric rise would have been impossible without lessons from Singapore. CPF, HDB, COE, Medisave, Medishield, foreign investment policy, industrialization policy, managed floating currency, the way state companies are managed – everywhere in China you can see Singapore’s shadow.

    I will read your blog regularly and pray for the safety & happiness of you and your family. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of African people.



    • I’m glad you have such high regards for my country! Good luck with your move here. I hope you enjoy your time in Singapore. =)

      • Thanks. You are very welcomed to visit China!

  2. Wow ! Fantastic shots! Beautiful image processing!

    Nice work karen!

    Whatz spl for V day????

    • Thanks! It’s the camera that did the job. =)

  3. I have to agree – those shots are awesome, I admit I like them better than the ones on the other post, and I also love that Dramatic Tone (which is probably what makes the difference – I’m sure there is something similar for Photoshop?). If you can get those pics and lug only a quarter of the weight around with you, or less, than maybe we are all on the wrong track with our heavy gear!

    I still can’t get over how much Singapore has changed from 1998…

    • Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own country. Haha.. My friend trying to convince me to build a micro 4/3 system for myself. But I’ve invested too much in my DSLR gear to give them up now. =p

  4. hi bing, after reading your entry I got reminded of this person who is currently going around the world in 50 days, capturing moments with an iPhone 4GS. her site is

    I find that her idea is very cool, since most of us have an iphone (in SG anyway!) but a lot of people love to spend on DSLRs. I see a lot of teenagers using them these days and I wonder if they even know how to use them effectively. Or maybe I’m just jealous that I need to spend more time editing my photos =p

  5. Hi Bing,
    WOW! DramaticTone filter is really nice! Makes the images pop.
    Did you do any post-processing or that comes straight off the EP3?

    I have a micro4/3s too but find it too bulky to bring out, let alone the dslr. HAHA! So lazy me is just using the lousy camera phone! :p

    • These shots were straight out of the EP3. I’m still a little sore that such a tiny fellow can produce such dramatic shots. Makes me look silly with my giant DSLR. Haha..

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