Shrove Tuesday a.k.a. Pancake Day

I’ve never heard of Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day until this year. All of a sudden, I kept hearing people talk about what toppings they were going to have on their pancakes on Pancake Day, and I was like What?!

Apparently, it’s the day before the start of Lent. Lent was something I didn’t know about until last year when some of our good friends in Joburg started giving up chocolate and wine for 6 weeks. Duh! So it’s tradition that right before you go through those torturous 6 weeks of self-deprivation, you get to eat a ton of pancakes. Which turned out to be, for me, major MAJOR sugar overload. Not funny.

At my very first Pancake Day party, I discovered that pancakes were in fact like french crepes. Not those thick fluffy stuff we eat in McDonalds every Sunday morning. I love french crepes – see The First Thing I Eat In Paris. And since my favourite style is nutella and banana.. well, and Grand Marnier too, but we didn’t have any alcohol on our pancakes at this party.. I ate enough nutella and banana pancakes to literally feel quite sick after that.

It was pancakes for appertisers, pancakes for main course and pancakes for dessert. And for me, they were all either nutella and bananas, or maple syrup and bananas. I wasn’t going to do those disgusting lemon juice and sugar combos. Heh heh..

My hosts told me it was also tradition to make some pancakes. And it was compulsory to flip them.

I think it was just an excuse to get out of the kitchen and let their guests cook their own pancakes. But I eventually succumbed to pressure and gave it a try. *heart beating faster*

I demanded to have my picture taken to show how good I was at it.

*Whistles* Look at that flip!

And then blaaat!! The pancake landed on the stove. *gulp* I tried another one, and it turned out worse.

Okay, I’m not gifted in flipping pancakes after all.

But I still ate that wrinkled thingy and it was delicious. More nutella and bananas of course.

By the way, I’m not eating any more pancakes or crepes for the rest of the year. Major overdose. I hate pancakes now.

Photo credits – Pancake cooking shots by Clare Appleyard. Pancake eating shot by Martina In Jozi.



  1. Oh my goodness I don’t think I can look at another Nutella crepe – Andrew ate the almost everyday in Paris and on the skiing holiday. I absolutely love making pancakes (more than eating them) so if you want to come over for some during Lent (which happily I dont observe) be my guest :-)

    • LOL! I ate the nutella, banana & Grand Marnier crepe in Paris almost every day too! You should so throw a pancake party DURING Lent. But I’m sick of sweet pancakes for now, so maybe a ham-cheese-egg pancake will be nice.. how about a waffles party?

  2. I ate both jars of the leftover nutella. On their own, with a spoon. Pancake Day will be the death of me!

    • O.M.G. That was a freaking lot of leftover Nutella!!!!

  3. Ah wow, I am so jealous and now so badly in the mood for pancakes ….. with anything on them!!! *weep*

    • It was fun! But I was so sick of pancakes by my 3rd one. Hahahaa.. they are so filling!

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