Valentine’s Day

On Monday, while we were eating dinner at home, I asked the hubby – Would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow?

Sure, we can go out if you don’t feel like cooking.

I went – Duh, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

And then he said – I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Greeeat. How nice for me. Well, in all fairness, the hubby had already gotten me a V-Day present in Singapore and it was a super generous one too. But thinking about us being the only couple not celebrating love on V-Day sucked.

I searched my blog and discovered that we’ve never actually celebrated V-Day in our relationship. It’s always been “just one of the days” for us. I couldn’t help but think back of the very first V-Day dinner that I had. I was 19 years old and my ex-boyfriend had taken me to this fancy steakhouse where we sat in a dark booth and ate a freaking expensive set dinner that came with a heart shaped dessert. They also gave me a stalk of rose and us a polaroid picture to keep. I was thrilled. Yes, it’s lame but I’m a sucker for such crappy romance.

It turned out that the hubby did get me some really pretty flowers. He had to beg persuade a florist to put together something for him at the last minute because they were only doing V-Day orders that day. Haha..

He also sprung by the supermarket at lunch time and came back with enough exotic meat to feed us for 3 Valentine’s Day dinners!

In the end, we had a quiet evening at home. We prepared a fancy ostrich steak dinner together, downed a delicious bottle of wine, played some “love music” (he called it) and had a long dance.. by that, I mean barefoot and moving together with my feet on his feet. Yeap, that’s how we dance. We vowed to dance this way at our children’s wedding parties in the future. Haha..

It was a pretty great V-Day celebration. And being a sucker for love and all things lovey dovey, I had a great evening. Which is a comfort considering that this year has started out so bad for me. It’s like everything close to heart hasn’t gone well for me and I really needed one special day to lift my moods.

I don’t need a fancy V-Day dinner. If my days can be filled with more love and less hurt every day, I will be happy. Even without the ostrich. =)



  1. So sweet..your husband is so romantic! :)

    • Haha.. actually it’s with alot of pressure (from me) thrown in. =p

  2. Sweet! Have been reading your blog for a while now, always refreshing to read about your family’s life and what you do. In fact, that dance with your feet on his, it’s my idea too when eventually my daughters are married.. =)

    • Its an easy way to dance. You can’t step on each other’s toes because she’s already stepping on your toes! Haha..

  3. Yours was glorious compared to mine. He dabao-ed Long John Silver for our dinner on Valentine’s Day. No flowers, and no gift (except for the one from me to him) Sigh!

    • Aaww.. You have to start putting some pressure on the man then. Haha.. My hubby was the most unromantic person ever. But I’m doing some nurturing.. Haha! Hope u guys had a great evening together. I love LJS!

  4. How cute!!! ^ ^… We also dance the same way at home…BTW, I think your hubby is a romantic guy after all.


    • It’s the easiest way to dance. Less stress for the guy. Haha..
      I hope my hubby keeps up the romance! Haha!

  5. Sounds kind of like our v-day! Very laid back too :)

    The flowers are gorgeous!


    • Yeap. Laid back is good. Didnt have to dress up or wear make up for dinner. Haha.. The flowers are indeed gorgeous.. I’m so glad SA has so many beautiful flowers!

  6. My tips of V day. Sounds great in my book

    • Haha! All the men are hating me right now for this post. =p

  7. Aww that’s really sweet and romantic. You’re a lucky woman :) cooked a Valentine’s Day dinner for my hubby and it would be great if he cooked for me one day, Valentine’s Day or not.

    • I feel blessed too that my husband likes to cook when he has time. It’s fun cooking together. Maybe you can draw him into cooking by doing it together first! =)

  8. When we used to live in Singapore I was always appalled at the prices for flowers on Valentine’s Day, and I had vowed back then that we should rather buy the flowers the next day instead! Yes, very UN-romantic speaking here…

    • Hahahaha! You were cheap like a Singaporean! Some people buy the flowers 1 to 2 days before or after V Day, to avoid the price spike. It’s the same with getting your haircuts, manicures and pedicures during Chinese New Year and Xmas.

  9. Aww…so sweet that you and your husband can be lovey dovey after years of marriage!

    • yeah, it’s really hard to keep it that way!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful evening! Neither of us are into the big-hype of Valentine’s Day but my mad did manage to organise 24 red roses for me ……… here in the middle of the bush!!! I am blessed!

    • You have the husband AND the animals to celebrate V-Day with! How sweet that he managed to arrange for the roses!

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