A Picnic In Johannesburg

When we first found out that we were moving to Johannesburg, the hubby and I got pretty depressed thinking that our days of going for walks and picnics were going to end. We had read countless of articles on how people got mugged being in the parks or taking a jog on the streets.

In New Zealand, picnics were such a big part of our lives. We had picnics practically every week. We were such organised picnickers that we had a huge soft bag just for our picnic gear, which included professional picnic mats (fuzzy comfy soft on the top side, plastic waterproof on the other side), thermos flask to keep white wine chilled, a huge bag of plates, cups, cutlery and napkins, jars of sauces from chilli and tomato to tartare sauce and mayonnaise.

When our moving boxes arrived in Joburg, I had stowed our picnic gear away. It made me sad.

So when my friends in Joburg organised a picnic, I perked up. It was at the Johannesburg Botanic Gardens and was on a day where I was to arrive back in Joburg after a 10 hour flight! Argh.

I hesitated only for a second, and I said Yes, I will be there. I was kind of desperate for a picnic and would have flown back a day earlier if I had to just for it. Haha..

So I arrived in Joburg at 7am. Submitted to the infamous morning traffic and reached home by 9am. I had just enough time to unpack a little and freshen up. And I was out again to meet the gals at 10am. Crazy or what?!

That’s why I looked like this for most of the morning. STONED.

Photo credit: Martina

It felt soooo good to be able to lay out our lovely picnic mat and sit on it again after such a long time.

Photo credit: Martina

The view from where I sat was lovely. We found a shady spot under a huge tree and there was a fountain right next to us. It was a hot day but every time the wind blew, a small mist of water from the fountain would land on us and cool us down. I was in bliss.

We took the picnic quite seriously and there was alot of food. Bread rolls, croissants, cold cuts, fresh cheese, potato chips, lots of fresh fruit, dried fruit, chocolate and lots of juice. It was a feast in a park! Woohoo!

And the best part of it all was the company, of course! It was lovely to be able to chill with my girlfriends again.

We had heaps of fun that morning. This is why I’m always happy to come (back) to South Africa. =)



  1. wow !! i too love picnics and outdoors :) lovely post :)

    • Thanks Amrita. It was a really nice picnic. I’m definitely doing more picnics from now on!

  2. I’ve been meaning to go to the botanical gardens for such a long time now, but have never actually gone. I need to get on it – looks gorgeous :)


    • You need to take a off day and go for a picnic with us, Jenna! =)

  3. Walter Sisulu botanical gardens is even nicer! It has a waterfall.. you have to pay R30 to get in though…

  4. Awww what a lovely picnic with gal pals…looks like bliss…

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