Highlights of Ho Chi Minh City

What do two gals do in Ho Chi Minh city other than eat and get massages?

Sight-see, of course.

But first we had to beat the traffic. Traffic in Ho Chi Minh was CRAZY! We’ve been warned by friends of the riders. But when we first saw them come charging, Mom and I had a huge scare!

I’m not kidding. We have no idea how they manage to maneuver through this mob.

You would expect them to be mafia tough male riders. But no, a large percentage of the riders were females! Here’s one getting through peak traffic wearing pink and a face mask. It’s a dusty situation!

I was constantly amazed at the powers of these super heroes.

One fellow could text AND ride at the same time. This was peak hour traffic too.

I spent a morning analysing the way they moved while having breakfast at the hotel. I finally realised that they didn’t need a system to move because their system was to give way. All the vehicles operated on a squeeze-my-way-through-but-always-give-way mode. Which is why they always gave way to us when we crossed the road. Not without a few honks though.

It was almost impossible to take any shot of a building without having riders in it.

Here’s a shot of the iconic City Hall building. See? Riders.

And the Opera House.

And the huge Ben Thanh Market.

Every shot has a rider in it! Haha..

Everyone says the Ben Thanh Market is a must-see, but Mom and I were not impressed. Perhaps it’s because it’s quite like the street markets (pasar malam) in Singapore and Malaysia. Or maybe because it was 40°C outside (which means 150°C inside), and we were being baked like roast chicken.

It was the usual expected stores selling knick knacks, tit bits, Vietnamese coffee, clothes & accessories and fake goods.

The one thing that looked interesting was an entire section of food stalls. They were mostly closed when we were there. But I would have loved to sample some local delights. If only it wasn’t so hot inside..

At one point, it got so hot that we literally got outside to get some fresh air.. and discovered that Ben Thanh Market was surrounded by shops and small restaurants. It turns into a night market and eating area after Ben Thanh is closed!

One of the nicest buildings we visited in Ho Chi Minh City was the Notre Dame Cathedral.

It’s a much smaller, less grand version of the original Parisian one – see my post on Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. But it’s just as pretty.

We didn’t do alot in the city because it was really too hot and we just felt like melting the whole time. The good thing was taxi rides were relatively cheap and we could get to places that were a few minutes away for about USD1.00. We tried to walk (an attempt to burn off some calories after gorging on so much beef pho), but the sun was just burning our skin away.

Night time is the nicest in the city. That’s when Mom and I would go for a stroll and find a nice spot to eat at again. Heh heh…

Up next – Mom and I get treated like royalty..



  1. Great pictures! I have never been there and it’s nice to see what it looks like. I loved the part about the riders in every single shot. I will now forever have this image of Ho Chi Minh City. Except I wish they’d rename it back to Saigon so I wouldn’t have to look up the spelling before typing it. Or is that a different city?

    • Saigon is its old name! I like Saigon more too. =)

  2. Your mum looks refreshingly young! Like mum like daughter, pretty :)

    • Thanks! Mom will be thrilled to read this. *beams*

  3. I never knew that everyone had a moped! That is some crazy traffic- I wouldn’t definitely be too chicken to get on a bike and join that mayhem!

    • Try crossing the roads with all those mopes charging at you!! It was freaking scary.

  4. hi where is the best shopping centre in saigon?and are there alot of fashionable clothes and stylish bags?where to go?i will be there on july..give me tips thanks

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