Ten Pin Bowling In Montecasino, Johannesburg

It was date night.

The hubby and I decided that it was time to ditch our friends and spend some couple time together. I took him to a Dine In The Sky experience, and guess where he took me?


Yeap. He took me to the Ten Pin Bowling centre in the Montecasino. I was NOT excited. I hate bowling. I’m a notorious longkang queen (that means Queen of the Ball-In-The-Drain), and I was not looking forward to falling over my feet and dropping the ball on my toes too. He practically had to drag me into the place.

And once I was in there, my eyes popped wide open. This bowling centre was a bloody discotheque!

I couldn’t stop laughing. Everything was neon coloured and disco lights were flashing everywhere and along the walls. There was funky music blasting from the sound system. Even the bowling balls were bright coloured. It was SUPER COOL.

They allowed bare feet bowling and I loved that I could be completely comfortable. Of course we did choose a corner lane. In case of mishaps. I didn’t want to hit someone accidentally with my ball.

AND I didn’t want too much attention when I hopped about and went all hysterical and crazy every time my ball didn’t go into the drain.

Seriously. Hysterical and crazy.

The hubby was a much much calmer bowler.

And here were our final scores.

Yes yes, I had almost beaten the hubby. And you know why? That’s because, in this bowling alley, they had BARRIERS! WAHAHAHAHA!

Whenever it was my turn, the barriers would come up. My ball never went into the longkang. Heh heh heh!

I love bowling in Johannesburg. Must come again. *beams*

Ten Pin Bowling is available at Montecasino and opens till midnight or later every night. It costs approximately R86 per game on all days, except on Thursdays where each game is only R25. Shoes are free to rent.



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  1. Tsk tsk, you are obviously not a bowler. The longkang is called gutter, and the barrier is called a guard. And you do have to wear shoes every time you bowl, for safety and for power from the slide. LOL.

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