The Bing Necklace

If you’ve been observant, you would have noticed that I’ve been wearing a new necklace alot lately. I call it the Bing necklace and it was generously customised and made for me by Valerie from My Little Bow.

They are an online fashion store and have all kinds of customised name accessories, like necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings and keychains.

I’ve wanted a Bing necklace from the first time I had watched Sex And The City and discovered that the main character, Carrie had a Carrie necklace. I want! I want! I want!

It took a long time before I finally have one because I’ve never liked the name necklaces I saw in the stores or online. Either the fonts were ugly. Or the workmanship was bad. Or it was so chunky, it would look like it wore me on my small frame instead of the other way round.

When Valerie sent me an email with a list of fonts, icons and additional accessories to choose from, I was super impressed. There were at least 20 fonts to choose from. And almost 60 icons that I could add on to my name, like a little clover leaf, or a heart, or a princess crown, or a butterfly, etc. For a small additional fee, I could also add delicate diamantes and have my necklace in white or yellow gold plating.

I decided to go simple and delicate, and just have my name on the necklace. My Little Bow prepared the artwork and let me vet the design before they went ahead to make the necklace. I love this customisation and the personal touch.

I love love love this necklace. It goes with everything I wear. From casual to formal. Even with my black dress, it looked delicate and classy. Thank you, My Little Bow!

The folks at My Little Bow are super nice and they are going to make one customised name necklace for me to give away too! One lucky reader will win a customised name necklace* in his/her name of choice, just like my Bing necklace! All you have to do is to LIKE this post (if you have a Facebook account) and leave a comment here to let me know what your favourite fashion accessory is.

This giveaway will close on Tuesday 3 April 2012 at 11:59pm UTC+8. The winner will be selected with a Random Number Generator.

Good luck!

* Note on giveaway prize –
The customised name necklace will include a standard name necklace up to 8 letters in the font of choice, in 925 silver and sent by normal mail for Singapore addresses. Additional items like extra letters, icons, diamantes, upgrade to white/yellow gold plating, delivery by registered mail or delivery to international addresses will require a top up.


UPDATE on Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Here are the results of The Bing Necklace Giveaway..

There were a total of 136 entries, after removing all duplicate entries. And the winner is … *drumroll*… Comment #126!

Comment #126 –

Susan Lee – My favourite accessory has to be my earrings which I wear everyday. It was my 21st birthday present and has been wearing it ever since.

Congratulations, Susan! I hope you will like your own customised name necklace. And hope it goes well with your favourite earrings!

Big thanks to everyone who supports this blog and who took part in the giveaway.



  1. It will go well with my little black dress, I mean shirt too. ;p

  2. WOHOO..thats soooo gorgeous !!wud love one for sure 😛

  3. Hi Bing! I love to wear bracelet especially those with quirky design :) but I also love to have a customized necklace like this! Good luck to me :))))) thanks my little bow and you for this special giveaway :))

  4. You know how much I love accessories, so I have to enter. Luckily 2Summers is exactly 8 characters!

    My favorite accessory is my gold ring with a cameo tiger-eye stone. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother :)

  5. my favourite accessory is a fish-bone necklace given to me by my sis.

  6. My favourite accessory is a friendship band that I wear on my ankle. My best friend for 12 years has it too!

  7. Hi bing …
    My favorite accessories is necklace …

    I love Customize name necklace.. I’m think to make it one .. And I’m seeing ur post .. How I wish can have de necklace like u .. Great design..

  8. My favourite fashion accessory is my vivienne westwood knuckle ring. It makes me feel so powerful by just wearing it.

  9. been a long time since I wore a necklace,a good chance for one!thanks!

  10. who would not love it? i lilly lilly luuuuv it!
    though I happen not to be lucky (also my hubby) in raffles, theres nothing to lose anyways..
    I used to collect now some pendants specially crusifix in different forms (murano, sterlings) anything i could see in bazaar everytime we go out of the country but im longing to find one..the mount nebo cross…maybe i should ask pincstuff to be customized

    but it would surely be so lovely to have one like yours! I fell in love with ur necklace Karen!! want to buy one for me and my hubb if i could not win 😉

  11. My favourite fashion accessory is the heart pendant necklace my mother gave me for my 21st birthday. It’s especially significant because I’m always wearing my mother’s love close to my heart. I hope to have a customized necklace for my Chinese name too!

  12. Hi Bing,
    My favourite accessories are my pearl earrings. Hope I’ll get lucky here.
    By the way, the necklace looks great on you!

    Cheers :)

  13. What a gorgeous necklace!

  14. I’m sure everyone which wish for a customise neckacle with their initial on it.

    My favourite accessories is neckacle which eventually bring out my outfit and my fashion sense. Having a customised neckackle allows u to wear it in all occassions. It’s a trend right now!

    Wish me luck in winning it.


  15. Gorgeous necklace! My favoUrite accessory has to be my silver Africa earrings that I got in Swaziland.

  16. So so pretty.

    My favourite accessories, are those big chunky dress rings…,love them!

  17. Hi Bing,
    My favourite accessory is a red earrings i bought at $3! Just trying my luck, hope I’ll be lucky enough.

    Have a nice day!

  18. My fav accessories are bracelet and earrings that my friends gave me as birthday present.

  19. My favourite accessory has to be a necklace with a small silver flower pendant that my mother gave many years back!!!

  20. My fave accessory is my ankle bracelet! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. I want a Vivian necklace! You know how I love my necklaces. I hope I win.

  22. I love bangles. My favourite bangle is a costume jewelry chunky Honey Bangle. It has plenty of pearls and diamonds in a silver setting (all fake of course). I bought it for myself. I fell in love with it when i lay my eyes on it, like you did when you saw the Bing necklace. Your prize will go well with my bangle Karen.

  23. Hi Bing, I got to know of your blog only recently while searchimg for recipe on strawberry jellyhearts. My favorite accessory would be a pair of pearl earrings from my grandma. Thank you for your kind gesture!

  24. Luv it! It ll go pretty well with my fav silver ring!
    X-ing my fingers!!

  25. It would be a necklace just like yours :)

  26. I love my simple silver-puzzle necklace as a daily accessory and i have been searching for a nice font/design name necklace for a long time!! Great to know of My Little Bow through your blog. :))

  27. I love accessories. From earrings, necklace to bracelet! =)

  28. I love accessories! My favourite accessory will have to be my quirky flower ring.

  29. My favourite accessories definitely necklace! Grin : ) Caught my attention when u posted pics wearing that sweet thingy. Was delighted to know i actually get a chance to own that! Yeah! ⌒Y”I’m happy gal” ⌒Y!

  30. I love love your necklace so much but I am in Indonesian :(

  31. This customized necklace will part great with my beloved necklace (with my Chinese name).

    Bing, you looks gorgeous with your necklace. :)

  32. Big hoop earrings ftw! Its a classic earring that never go wrong with any outfit, and it instantly jazzes up any thing you wear with, even tshirts!

  33. I still love the necklace that my father gave me. I was in elementary back then and he gave me a necklace with a heart and an anchor. my father is a captain of a ship, he travels a lot and is always far from home. he said I should always wear it so that I would be reminded that he loves me even though he is very far away.

  34. I never had a customised necklace before. I wonder how it will look on me

  35. Trying my luck! I love to have one too. Thanks!

  36. Hi Bing,

    Thanks for having this giveaway! My favorite accessories would be my watches; can never leave home without one. :)

  37. My favorite accessory is a ring :)
    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  38. My all-time favorite accessory is my watch. Not only does it serve to tell the time, it is also of sentimental value to me as it is my parent’s gift to me for my 21st b’day!

  39. Hi Bing

    Thanks for this giveaway which I wanted to win very much.

    My favorite accessory is a pair of customized name ear rings.

    The ear rings match this customized named necklace perfectly.

    Please let me win.

  40. I love both necklace and bracelet. They both go together perfectly. If i do get a chance on this, i would like to make this necklace under my nickname – xscalsVe, just so unique and classy by its name and appearance!

    Thanks for the giveaway, you look great!

  41. Fave items would be the collar necklace. never go out of style with those! :)

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. i love long necklaces!work well with almost any attire!

    *been wanted to get one nice customized necklace, finger crossed! 😉 *

  43. Hello bing!

    My favourite accessory is my watch, love how they are beautifully crafted and are so exquisite!
    Hope I will win this to complement my watch! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Hi Bing,
    Love your blog very much, i read it almost everyday.
    I like yr necklace. sometimes i will also made necklace on
    mine own, but jz for my own leisure keke..
    Hope i will be the lucky one :)

  45. Can never resist rings and diamond necklaces!

  46. Karen

    Let me try my luck here. I love the necklace. I feel i will look too good in that.

    Lucky you!

  47. Would be a necklace and an earring:)
    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  48. I like necklaces!

  49. Hi bing!

    I have wanted this sort of customized necklace long ago! And i really like the design of your necklace. Hope i can be the lucky one and have one of my own customized necklace!

  50. My favourite accessory is my brown crystal necklace that i bought during my honeymoon in Switzerland 6 year back. It goes well from causal outfit to any dresses. :)

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