A Father’s Love, continued..

Two years ago, I had blogged about the hubby’s diligent digital documentation of the kids’ childhood photos. You’ll have to read this past post to know what I’m going to be talking about.

At that time, he had snapped 126 shots of the kids’ childhood pictures. I had already thought of him as the greatest father in the world back then. But then two months ago, on his birthday, instead of gallivanting and celebrating going through mid life crisis being middle aged, he spent the day leisurely at home, documenting more photos digitally.

I have to say that watching an almost 50 years old man try to find good light at home, dig out heavy albums of photographs, and then bend over with my giant of a DSLR and shoot pictures of his children’s childhood photos, so that he can have them in his new iPad at all times to view was heart melting.

He took a staggering 563 shots in one afternoon. This was no simple feat. His back hurt like hell by the time he was done.

I admire the way he cherishes the hundreds.. actually, probably thousands of photographs of the kids. Some parents don’t even bother to take photographs of their children. And some parents don’t care to keep a proper set of photos of their kids for them to see when they grow up. Yet this man has painstakingly documented his kids’ childhood.

The photographs matter more to him than any other possession. Probably including me. Hah! =/

Looking at these pictures in the still of the night, I can understand why he made the effort to make a digital copy along with the physical photographs we already have. The kids were so cute!

The hubby’s love for his kids is my constant inspiration. I wish I can say I am a natural born great stepmother. But no, most of the time, especially in the beginning, I sucked at the job. Whoever said Love them like you would love your own kids.. had no idea what they were talking about. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life.

But it’s the way the hubby is naturally so loving and giving to the kids, and always ALWAYS placing their welfare above anything else, that inspires me to be a good stepmom and to embrace this family as we are and live a rich, loving life together.



  1. Often the greatest blessings are right in our midst.

    Big-up for cherishing yours Mrs ;-)

  2. im just curious, what happen to their mum ? These are VERY lovely photos…precious !!

  3. Careful – it’ll make other people fall in love with him:-)

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