Cleopatra Drakensberg Mountain Farmhouse

When it’s just me and the hubby on a holiday together, we usually do it the old people way – rest, relax, eat, walk, sleep. That’s it. No shopping. No helicopter rides. Not even a boat ride. And definitely no KTV. =(

I really like the short breaks that we take to see a little more of the country we live in. And this Easter break, it’s extra special because this is our anniversary month and the hubby had planned our entire trip. *love*

In Drakensberg, we arrived at Cleopatra Drakensberg Mountain Farmhouse. And I discovered that the hubby had splurged on a really posh mountain lodge for our getaway. Cleopatra was GORGEOUS! I loved it as soon as I saw it.

The place was as serene as it could get and I felt relaxed just from looking around.

The leaves on the trees were already starting to turn yellow and it was just the perfect place to chill, rest and go for long walks because Cleopatra was adjacent to the Highmoor Mountain and it was practically their own private space for their guests.

We checked into our lodge and I discovered that the hubby had paid extra for a really nice cottage. It had the cowboy theme. Duh.

The room was filled with all kinds of rusty cowboy-ish stuff and old knick knacks. I have to admit – I started imagining how many people had put on those saddles and did funny things in the room. Heh heh.

The best part of all? We could sit outside on the porch and have a view of the Highmoor Mountain like this. *utter bliss*

When I laid on our bed, I could see the mountains through the windows. It was such a treat!

And when dusk fell and it got cold, there was a real fire place that we could light up to warm up the room. I loved it and I almost set the cottage on fire, of course.

The best part about coming to a place like this was that it was full board. Our meals were included. Which is a whole post by itself because Cleopatra is a gastronomic paradise. We ate like royalty. And there’s nothing that we enjoyed doing more than going for long walks or just chilling over some wine and snacks.

Being able to 手拉手 (hand hold hand) and go for a walk in the wilderness was such a treat. We used to do alot of this in New Zealand but haven’t done any in South Africa till now.

Shot with iPhone Camera+ App

It was really motivating to go for a walk when what was ahead looked like this –

And not only did I have the hubby to walk with, the resident doggies, Treacle (the German shepherd) and Ooju (the Golden Retriever) also walked with us.

They did abandon us halfway. Probably because we must have been the slowest walkers they’ve ever walked with. I is not fit, OK.

Plus, I stopped every 2 seconds to snap pictures of these mountain flowers –

We did get to a high lookout point and the view was spectacular from up there.

It was really a rather easy walk. Anyone, wearing any kind of shoes, would have been able to do it. The mountain slopes don’t get very steep until much further up slope.

Our shadow shot. *loves*

Shot with iPhone Camera+ App

Just when we were about to leave, Ooju came running back for us! She’s such a lovely doggy. I was thrilled to see her! She plopped herself next to the big rock that we were sitting on and looked out into the horizon as if she was keeping an eye on our surroundings for us.

Here’s a bunch of shots I took with my iPhone Instagram App.

Cleopatra Drakensberg Mountain Farmhouse is one of the nicest places we’ve ever stayed at. We didn’t do much although they had lots of activities like horse riding, trout fishing, rock art guided tours and cave tours in the vicinity. We just wanted to spend good quality couple time together and we did that very well here.

I highly recommend this place. Stay tuned for a post on our gastronomic experience at Cleopatra.

The hubby fooling around with Ooju after a morning walk



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