High Tea At Westcliff Hotel, Johannesburg

Sometimes I cannot believe the life we lead. One moment I’m getting mud on my feet playing with children, and the next day, we are having one of the poshest high teas I’ve ever had in my life at The Westcliff Hotel.

The Westcliff is one of the fanciest hotels in Johannesburg. It’s on elevated land and all the rooms are on a hill. They have vans and buggy carts to send guests to their rooms and to the restaurants. And the restaurants provide a view like this –

The entrance to the restaurant, La Belle Terrasse appeared to be unimpressive..

But once we entered the room, it was gorgeous inside.

We haven’t had such a posh meal in a while and I was thrilled. I had skipped breakfast and lunch for this spread!

The buffet was pretty impressive (although not so by Singaporean standards). There were savoury items like roast beef station, lots of salads, sushi, rolls, sandwiches and soups. And then there were the yummilicious scones, cakes and fruit.

One cannot be counting calories in an experience that involved so much good food..

I loved the whole set up of this high tea. It was wonderful.. sipping tea, nibbling on delicate food, taking in the gorgeous view and chatting non-stop with good friends. The restaurant’s service was fabulous.

I am really grateful for the variety of experiences we can have here in Johannesburg.

The high tea (or any of their buffets, actually) gets booked up very quickly. We had to book weeks in advance. So if you are keen, book early!

High tea at the The Westcliff Hotel is served at the La Belle Terrasse every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm at R225 (~SGD36) per person. For reservations, call +27 (0)11 481 6000 or e-mail: restaurantreservations@westcliff.co.za



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  1. This is completely different to both times I have visited! We were sat in the conservatory and they bought us our things on platters. I would much rather the buffet!

  2. HEY LONG TIME NO SEE!!!! looks good 😀

  3. Funny – we went there the same day after Walter Sisulu Square, just scheduled a blog post about it. Though we didn’t do the Sunday high tea, obviously, but just the view from that terrace was magnificent.

  4. Thank you so much Bing and My Little Bow. You guys made my day. Thanks again. *hugs* :)

  5. Was at Westcliff today with Daniel and Lay Fong. Really not up to expectation considering it is supposed to be the best high tea experience in town. How we miss Valley Wing lobby lounge at Shang Singapore!

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