Project 365 : The Lines At Pavilion

We stumbled on what seemed like a monstrous giant of a mall – the Pavilion Mall in Durban. It reminded me of the grand, extravagant buildings one can expect to find in the Middle East. But this is South Africa, and a mall this big was mind blowing.
Even the ceiling of the building was a perfect mesh of lines.
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  1. This is probably my favourite mall partly because I have been going to it since I was in high school! Has everything! Back in varsity, we used to go to the Firkin Pub just outside the entrance you took this picture at. They had a jug of beer (between 1.5 and 2 litres of locally brewed beer) AND a burger for R30. Weirdly, it was always frequented by all the international students from varsity. Wonder if they still have that deal.

    • A jug of beer and a burger for R30! If I were a student, I’ll be there every day too. Haha.. I didn’t notice if the bar was there. Was quite mesmerised by how big the mall was. =)

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