Arab Street in Singapore

The problem with living overseas is when we are back in Singapore, we feel like tourists.

We have all this time in the day because we are on a break, while our family and friends are at work. So I start identifying places to visit.. like a tourist would. And we landed in Arab Street.

In all the years I’ve lived in Singapore, I have never been to Arab Street. This is yet another embarrassing thing to admit, like my earlier admission that I have never been to Little India until recently.

Yeap. Where have I been?!!!

So, while the kids were off to their respective activities in the day, the hubby and I decided to visit Arab Street. A friend had told me recently that it was a pretty interesting spot. Lined with textile shops and lots of middle eastern influence, Arab Street was the place to buy pretty things and chill in quirky cafes.

I had a new compact camera and was trying to see if I could take some decent shots with it instead of my DSLR. Sometimes I really do dread lugging 5kg of equipment everywhere I go.

And the nifty Canon Powershot S100 did not fail me. I looked like a tourist alright, with a small compact camera.. marvelling at things in the shops like a sua ku foreigner.

We spotted a shop selling all kinds of pretty perfume bottles, hookah and shisha equipment. I wanted every single one of these bottles.

Fancy spotting graffiti in my own country!! Of course it had to be in a tiny back alley and not on a prominent public wall. This is Singapore afterall.

Arab Street wasn’t very long and it took us less than an hour to walk from end to end. We finished our visit with a nice slice of key lime pie in a Swedish cafe. Really weird to have a Swedish cafe in Arab Street. But it was a pretty one.

P/S. I am loving this camera. My DSLR may just sit on the shelves for a while now.

Here’s us.. and me, without my giant gun of a camera. =)



  1. Haha, that’s like me having never been to any German town of note that friends will ask me about. There is so much to see in the rest of the world you forget your own country! Hope you’re enjoying the home stint, especially with kids…

    • Yes, it’s embarrassing that I haven’t been to so many parts of my own country! And it’s so darn small too. Hahaha..

  2. I really enjoy your blog and cooking blog too.
    I think u look too fabulous to be the mother of two teenages… I am totally curious here… can I guess that they could be your step-kids? do not mean to be rude…. sorry.

    • Yes, they are my step kids. I mentioned that in my About Me section. =) Thanks for the compliment though! *blush* Heehee…

  3. Hey there. May i know where the shop selling shisha equipment is located?

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