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Being able to spend a lot time in the kitchen is one of the biggest privileges of a housewife. It’s my favourite part of my current lifestyle. Cooking is a major component of my job specs now and I looove it. Which is why my cooking club is pretty special to me. It’s wonderful when my galfriends gather once a month to learn to cook something different.

Here’s my friend, Alice giving us a lesson on making a Taiwanese home style meal.

The different themes every month make our sessions really exciting as we discover food we’ve never seen or heard of, and helplessly let the chef instruct us to put weird things into our mouths.

While most of us are just there to sip wines and tea and pretend we are there to learn, there are some of us who would roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

Making spring onion pancakes

I don’t really mind helping out, especially when I will learn how to make this fabulous meal. Look at that home cooked duck!

Taiwanese food was easy for me since I’m the other Chinese gal in our group and I’ve eaten Chinese food all my life. It was a lesson where I didn’t need to look at the recipes provided or take notes. But when it was Heather, another member’s turn to teach and she taught us to make Mexican cuisine, I perked up.

This was definitely foreign territory. I had never cooked a real Mexican meal before. Our boy loves Mexican food, so I was very keen to learn a few ropes of the cuisine so that we can make it when we are in the kitchen together again. Like when we made the Chicken Burrito the last time.

The one thing I don’t like about Mexican food is the amount of chopping that has to be done. Chopping onions is not fun.

It looks like everyone chipped in to help, but in reality we were eating as we prepared the food. The guacamole and jalapenos with melted cheese were gone in no time. =)

Our cooking club is casual and the meals need not be fancy. Although dressing them up prettily for pictures is practically a requisite. Everyone of us would snap a picture of the final dish to remember the wonderful meal we had. This Mexican Chili con Carne was yummilious.

Anyone can form a cooking club as long as there’s a bunch of friends who enjoy food and cooking. We take turns to host and each person rarely hosts more than twice in a year. I love this club. I get to learn, eat and hang out with my gal friends. Life is pretty good this way.

Wearing aprons helps get us into the mood and makes us feel professional. =)




  1. Hi!

    Is that your kitchen? It’s Huge!

    btw, where’s your Apron?

    • Lol! I wish that was my kitchen! No, it wasn’t my turn to host/cook. That’s why it wasn’t my kitchen, and I wasn’t wearing an apron. =)

      • Thanks for replying Bing!
        Ic. But I’m sure your own kitchen (SA ya?) should be bigger than what we have in our HDB flat. Good thing, ours is still bigger (slightly?) than our friends in HK

        (Sorry Off Topic) Actually I was browsing your site, I am inspired by the Project365. But I don’t think I have the time (and discipline) to find something interesting to shoot everyday, One shot a day with my iPhone. Every day.

        Maybe I’ll start with Project52, or Project12 :)

        Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow what a great idea…

    Your Taiwanese friend is amazing…I’m Chinese but I cannot whip up that kind of meal lol!!

    • (if I may add)
      lol. I’m Chinese and I can’t even cook Maggie Mee!

      Oh wait, Maggi mee is not Chinese..

  3. This post makes it look like I actually know how to cook! Love it.

    One point I must make: In the U.S., we would never eat guacamole with flavored Doritos, only with plain tortilla chips. But plain tortilla chips are nearly impossible to find in SA. My Tex-Mex loving friends back home would gasp if they saw that pic :)

  4. I’m famous! Hee hee. My meal looks way more impressive on photo than in real life. Feels like it was a year ago, doesn’t it? And I can’t wait for your turn to host again, Karen, I missed the last one.

  5. You have inspired me, again. I tried to do the Project 365 but fell flat in April… but the Cooking Club might just be the ticket I need to get motivated. I was only talking about cooking with my SA friend from work last night on FB… I think it might be fate. Will let you know how it goes in Brisvegas. :)

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