My Friends and I In The Bush

A bunch of our friends visited us and we set off on a safari trip together. I was excited to introduce our friends to the wonderful place that the locals so affectionately call “bush”. It’s been a while since my last major bush trip and I missed seeing all the animals.

Travelling with a bunch of rather crazy friends was heaps of fun. We didn’t have a lot of luck in the beginning, but everyone was pretty cool and relaxed and waited patiently for the animals to decide to show up.

That’s the thing about safari trips. I often get people emailing me to ask me if a safari trip in Africa is like what you see in National Geographic or Animal Planet. I never really know what to say. It’s not like going to the zoo for sure, where all the animals are sedated looking and lined up in a straight file waiting for us to view and snap pictures of.

Whether one sees any animals in the wilderness is dependent on a combination of a lot of luck and very skilled trackers. Expecting to see all the animals in a bush trip is like expecting to see sharks just because you scuba dive. So, yeah, we start off every morning praying we would see some lions for example, but never really knowing if we would see some.

But what do you know.. life surprises us every day. We didn’t see lions till almost the end of the trip (and that’s an incredible story coming up), but we had lots of visitors –

The bull elephant didn’t seem too happy to see us and gave us a firm warning that we were pissing him off. While the jackal looked like he was going to bite our heads off.

Our friends were thrilled to see the variety of animals. Most of them have never seen these animals before in real life. My friend, Andrew loved the guinea fowls. The sight of these birds constantly made him hungry. He called them his food, and gave these birds names – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.., Sunday LOL!

It was amusing to see them picking up elephant dung, playing with baboon spiders and fooling around with bird feathers. Singaporeans lah, never see animal stuff like this before.

Being in the wilderness is always an incredible experience. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to be in the midst of pure nature. I love the peacefulness and serenity of the bush. With or without the animal sightings, I loved it here –

Morning tea of cookies and coffee laced with a strong Amarula liqueur. Yummm..

And as always, the sun rises and sun sets were just soul arresting. They keep my heart firmly in the bush.

We had some pretty amazing animal sightings and several interactions with my favourite animal, the giraffe.

And had an encounter with a newborn giraffe. This little one was so fresh into the world that it was still trying to stand properly and was wobbly when he walked, as if he was high on Amarula liqueur. We were pretty sure he didn’t drink, because we saw vultures hovering in the air and went to check it out and found the remains of the giraffe placenta and giraffe hoof marks around it. The blood was still fresh.

Throughout the entire trip, we saw a herd of elephants every day. At last count, there were 23 of them. In all sizes. Not kidding.

Believe me, it is a mind blowing experience to do what my friend, Mark was doing. Having a leisurely afternoon on a sun chair, reading his book and watching the elephants frolicking in the water hole in front of him.

I’m spending a lot of time in the bush this month and am feeling so blessed for everything – the opportunity, the time that I can spend with my family and friends, and all the wonderful experiences in the wilderness.

Next up, we attempted to track the lions down on foot, and found the remains of their lunch instead..

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  1. Lovely post Karen, you make me want to go out into the bush. It’s been way too long! Love the giraffe pics, the first one looks so majestic, and the baby so fragile. Beautiful!

  2. It had been a blast of a time! Thanks Karen for the memories…next stop…India? 😉

  3. Amazing pictures! And I think I also saw some lion ones of yours in the Klaserie newsletter:-)


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