We Finally Saw The Lions

Everyone says a trip to the bush isn’t complete until you see the lions. It’s okay to miss the leopard or the buffalo.. but our safari guide is one who believes that one must see the lions before they leave a safari trip. So for days, he made us sit patiently while he searched for the king of the jungle.

After a morning of intense searching for these beasts, which had landed us next to their freshly devoured breakfast (See Our Hunt For Lions), our guide finally gave up and we decided to hunt for the rhinos instead the next day.

While we were busy inspecting the rhino’s pee on the bushes, he suddenly received a call on his walkie talkie. It was his wife and she said something in Afrikaan to him. It sounded urgent and serious. The lions have been spotted near our lodge! Oh damn! I couldn’t believe we were going to miss them. We had gone so far away from our lodge!

But our guide was a determined young man. He told us to hold on tight and we practically flew towards our lodge in the land rover. My friends were sitting at the rear of the vehicle and were almost thrown out of it at several bumpy points.

When we finally saw the lions, they were several metres away from our lodge, resting under some trees. And this was the moment I had truly felt blessed that I have a fabulous friend who had loaned me his 100-400m L lens. My shots of the lions were close and tack sharp –

These mommas did not look happy. Maybe they’ve only had one impala to share the day before and were still hungry. *gulp*

It was an amazing experience. We had a sighting of a pride of 8 lions. Lionesses and their young. It was a beautiful sight, watching them move right in front of us as they crossed an air strip. I couldn’t stop admiring their muscles.

I’ve managed to snap several lovely pictures of these lions. And it’s all thanks to this giant gun of a lens. Practically no cropping was needed because the lens could reach so far.

Here’s a selection of my favourite shots of the lions. Some have these big gals making faces at the camera. =)

Click on thumbnails to view –






  1. So cool! 😀 the even more awesome thing is that lens D: keep up the good work! 😀 loving all the pics. :)

  2. Great pics! Which reminds me that you had asked me about the lens a while back and I am now thinking I might not have gotten back to you? I meant to say of course you can borrow it! But it looks like you’ve got many friends in the lens department. (and otherwise of course:-)

  3. Aww.. those beasts are cute. Great timing and scheme!

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