Chalk Bomb In Jozi

The art scene in Johannesburg is an amazingly vibrant one. In a city affectionately called Jozi by the locals, amid much struggle with income and lifestyle inequality, there is a prevalent deep appreciation for the arts, culture and music among the people that constantly surprises me.

This weekend, one of the local tour leaders blasted an invitation to Jozi residents to go into the inner city for a Chalk Bomb exercise. The hubby and I were planning to visit this neighbourhood anyways, so I went out and bought a couple of boxes of chalk for this.

It was amusing to see so many people on their knees on the floor, drawing and scribbling.

Everyone grabbed a piece of chalk and eagerly expressed their creativity on the streets. It was lots of fun. And because it was chalk and not any permanent ink or paint, it wasn’t exactly vandalism. It was our own version of street art.

In this dry winter weather, where there is almost no rain, the chalk drawings will be lining the pavements for a while. I had scribbled my blog name in several places! Haha..

Here are my friends, Alice and Hayley and I doing our version of street art on the streets of Jozi.

It was Hayley’s first visit into this part of the inner city, despite being South African. So many young South Africans were raised to stay away from the “dodgey” parts of Johannesburg. I really hope that they will give their own city a chance and come see for themselves how vibrant it is and how much it has changed with urban rejuvenation.

Yes, there’s crime in this city and we have to be smart and cautious at all times. But it IS possible to spend an afternoon on the streets doing stuff like drawing on the pavements.


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