Eat Your Brussel Sprouts

Growing up, I was one of those typical kids whose least favourite vegetable was the brussel sprout.

My mom never cooked it. And it wasn’t an Asian veggie so no local restaurants served it. The only time Singaporeans would see brussel sprouts in a restaurant was at Ponderosa. They had a salad buffet and one of the steamed veggies served was brussel sprouts. I remember loading some of them on my plate just one time. I took one bite of those cute little green balls and almost spat it out. It was bitter and I was like, yucks! I haven’t had brussel sprouts ever since.

When we moved to South Africa, I was horrified at the limited variety of vegetables sold in the regular supermarkets. Unless we made an effort to drive 20mins to Chinatown every week, the only green options we had were broccoli, snap peas, spinach, cabbage, lettuce and courgettes. If we were willing to pay a bomb bust our budget, we could have some asparagus and tenderstems once in a while. One day, I finally noticed those small green balls again. It was out of desperation on a day where even our regular greens had been cleaned off the shelves. I finally bought my first bag of brussel sprouts and tried to figure out a way to cook them such that we would eat our dinner and not feel miserable.

What do you know? I didn’t find them all that hard to swallow. In fact, they quickly became one of our favourite veggies here and it’s practically the first thing I grab when I shop for veggies. I never ever thought that there would be a day where I would feel disappointed if the supermarket ran out of brussel sprouts.

Our favourite way to eat it now is with a bacon and garlic sauce. It’s very easy to prepare and I can practically eat it on its own. Even our little gal, who swore she didn’t eat brussel sprouts, ate this dish and said it was good.

I’ve tried cooking brussel sprouts many ways.. roasted, grilled, tossed with balsamic vinegar.. but this is our absolute favourite. The leaves are kept vibrant and green, and the fragrant bacon and garlic make even the most bitter little balls taste wonderful. The best part of all – it takes only 10 mins to put it together.

Give it a try!

CLICK HERE for more photos and tips, and for a step by step tutorial + recipe on how to cook this lovely dish in 10 mins.



  1. I must admit brussel sprouts are probably my least favourite veggie too. But your recipe actually looks quite nice. Might have to give it a try.

  2. really?? its that good??
    we just did our homecooked anni. dinner last few weeks.. and in an attempt to feel a bit ‘atas’, we bought a bag of frozen brussel sprouts from Cold Storage. (the fresh ones were like SG$10 a bag! madness. tskk)
    I steamed the frozen bag according to their instructions.. and hoped for the best.
    it turned out YUCK. haha.. we did enjoy our steaks though. The husband has been making a joke out of it and i had to live with that till today. (cos I’ve been goin on and on abt how good they taste bla bla when I had not tried that b4!)
    Mayyybe i shall try it your way.
    (when the husb is not around at home. Lest he’ll make fun of me again. pfft)

    • Hi Mar, I buy the fresh ones. I’ve never had the frozen ones. I don’t recommend them since they are leafy greens. I can’t imagine that they will still be crunchy if they were frozen.

      • Hi, i eat these sometimes when i’m in the uk. i use frozen ones too and i don’t have a problem with the texture; in fact, they are delightfully crunchy.

        i usually pop them into the microwave (in a microwaveable bowl of course). if they’ve been fully defrosted; 3 mins max, if not, then use your intuition and check every minute after 5 minutes.

        if they still suck after that, i’m sorry but you’ve got a really lousy brand…

        it’s dirt cheap in the uk… like, s$2 for 1kg frozen?

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