Family Time In The Bush

Our gal loves the bush and going for a safari trip was the only request she had for her visit this year.

So even though I had just done a trip into the bush with my friends when they visited earlier, in less than two weeks, I was back in the wilderness.

We had planned it so that our gal could celebrate her birthday in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by elephant dunk and maybe some lurking lions. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake while watching a beautiful African sunset was an experience of a lifetime for our gal. She was so thrilled. Big thanks to the folks at Nzumba Lodge for making that delicious cake!

After that spectacular viewing of the pride of 8 lions I had with my friends, I didn’t expect for any sightings to beat that experience and had a rather laid back attitude while we cruised and looked for the animals. I even laid down my camera for a change and just focused on enjoying time with my loved ones, observing the animals and taking in the fresh air.

But as always, every safari trip has its own magical, unforgettable moments. And sure enough, we had our fair share in this trip. For starters, our tracker, Wiseman was an elephant magnet. He doesn’t like elephants and we kept bumping into elephants every day. It’s okay if we see them and we stay out of each other’s way. But no, we got charged at by the ellies almost every day.

That fella looked like he was far away but look at that cloud of dust he was making while making a charge at us. Don’t forget he was also probably 4000kg and was trumpeting angrily and flaring his ears and his steps were going BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

At another point, our guide reversed the landrover quickly when we got too close to a large herd of grazing elephants and this big momma came charging towards us in anger.

Although we’ve been charged at several times by the elephants, they were often merely mock charges. Just an elephant’s way of showing their displeasure at our presence and giving us a warning to move away. Most of the time, they ignore us and let us watch their beautiful ways graciously.

In this trip, we had the most amazing hyena sightings. We found a hyena den and saw baby hyenas trot across a plain to a water hole. While adult hyenas are cream coloured with dark spots, the babies are black. They looked so cute drinking from the water hole. I struggled to get a clear sharp shot while they were moving in the dark.

The next day, we stumbled upon a cute sleepy head. This adult hyena was sound asleep.

Hmm… zzz.. what?

Huhh? Who’s there? Damn.. just some silly humans again. Never mind.

*drops down* zzzzzzzzzzz….

There are lots of cute faces in the bush and I managed to get a rare shot of a steenbok. This is a tiny little deer-like animal that is very shy and jets off into the bushes as soon as he sees visitors. I am so happy to have gotten a clear shot of this little one’s face. And what a gorgeous one it was –

The most interesting sighting we had was probably spotting a cheetah. It is extremely rare to spot cheetahs because they are elusive and are only active at night. It got up and moved away as soon as we spotted it and I never got a chance to see its face clearly. This shot of his butt with that long swinging tail is probably the best shot I will have of a wild cheetah for now.

I have another post coming up on the most amazing experience ever with leopards. If you’re friends with me in Facebook (add me HERE), you would have had a glimpse of my experience from my updates earlier.

The must-have glass of wine for sundown. This evening session of about 20mins where we get off the landrover and watch the sun set is my favourite time of the day.

More later..



  1. Lovely post Karen! Its been too long since I’ve been in the bush. You’re so lucky to get out there so often!

  2. Hi, came upon your blog while searching for “jelly hearts recipe”. Will be attempting that soon. Really like yr posts and especially the one on ” pros & cons of being a housewife”. So so true. I guess I am in a similar boat as you – sg wife & mummy in a foreign land. For me, it’s a 18-mth stint.

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