My First Roller Derby Show

My gal friends were having lunch at my house when one of them asked everyone – Any of you going to the roller derby tomorrow night? Every one of them, except two of us were like – YEAH!

The other gal who wasn’t going was pregnant and ready to pop any minute. My excuse was pure ignorance. I had never been to a roller derby show and had no idea what it was. My friends were adamant that I check it out with them, so they made arrangements for tickets for the hubby and I.

The next day, I did some research and found out that the show everyone was so excited about was the Death Row Demolition by the C-Max Roller Derby League in Johannesburg. The poster was cute and it was dark and dramatic and the gals on the poster looked like they could beat the hell out of me if I pissed them off.

I googled roller derby and discovered that it is considered a real sport in many countries. It’s actually being evaluated as a competitive item for the 2020 Olympics! Wow. Where have I been? To be fair to myself, roller derby is practically unheard of in Singapore. I searched more and found out that the first and only roller derby league in Singapore was started in September 2010 and is called Chili Padi Derby Girls. LOL!

The hubby and I arrived at the stadium to find it PACKED. We were surprised! The hubby was amused that so many people were into watching a bunch of girls in cute outfits and skates, bashing each other up. Hahaa.. that’s what we had thought it was.

The first team for the night was the Raging Whoremones.. seriously, when I heard the name, I burst out laughing. Their outfits were super cute. I love pink!

And the other team was the Thundering Hellcats. The gals came dressed in cat suits. Whieweeet!

The outfits were so theatrical. It was NOT what we had expected at all. I giggled incessantly at those skimpy outfits.. those were the shortest skirts we’ve ever seen on a sports playing field. I have shots of them from the back, with the skirts riding up so high, we could see leopard prints panties and butt cheeks. It’s too rude to publish them here. This is supposed to be about the game anyway.

Well, the game works by having two teams of 5 skaters each. Each team has a jammer, who’s marked with a star on her helmet.

The jammers’ role is to score as many points as possible for their team. The other members of the team are the blockers who will assist their own jammer to score while preventing the other team’s jammer from scoring.

The teams move round and round the stadium. Every time a jammer moves around the blockers, the team scores.

It sounds easy enough. Except that when the blockers are preventing the other team from scoring, they are pushing and shoving each other. While being on skates the entire time. It’s not obvious because you can’t beat people up in a game, but we could see the players falling so badly throughout the evening. Ouch.

At one point, I turned to the hubby and said – We are never letting our daughter do this. Haha..

I wonder if it was because of our cultural upbringing that we both felt rather uncomfortable seeing gals behave so aggressively. Even though we knew it was just a game and it was highly entertaining, we were not thrilled to see gals being violent and pushy. I personally didn’t understand the sport. Okay, truth is I don’t get most sports anyway. But I felt it was difficult to focus on the athletic elements of the game, when the theatrics of it were so distracting. Some of the spectators seemed only interested when someone had a bad fall in the game. They were more keen in downing plastic cups of beer.

The hubby and I left before the game ended but we heard later that the Raging Whoremones had thrashed the Hellcats. It was a hell of a night. Certainly an eye opener for me. And a sharp reminder that I am too old for skates. Those falls can break my back at my age.



  1. Great pics! This sounds like so much fun! Will definitely try and make it to the next one :)

  2. Hi Bing,

    I am one of the roller girls from this game,Captain Miss C Malice #22 from the RAGING WARMONES (no more WHOREmones) 😉
    Thanks for the great write up on our event! I only just found it by mistake…

    Since then we have grown as a league and have 2 more teams in JHB, and one in Pretoria. Other leagues have also started in Durban , Capetown, Bloemfontein & most recently Grahamstown…
    The caliber of roller derby in S.A is advancing at a rapid speed and we have all definitely improved since this last bout . We are currently putting together a team for the ROLLER DERBY WORLD CUP in Dallas Texas in December. I urge you to come to one of our FRIDAY NIGHT ROLLER DERBY’s, which happens once a month. It is such an incredible sport once you understand the ins and outs :)

    Please email me if you would like to be on the media list for any of our events….

    Thanks <3 Malice

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