Our National Day Song 2012

Like every other year, I had looked forward to the release of this year’s National Day Song.

In Singapore, the official song for National Day each year is a big deal. Every Singaporean looks out for it. Some of us are patriotic like that. Some of us are curious. But mostly, it’s a yearly practice that’s been going on since 1988, where the first National Day Parade (NDP) song that I had learnt to sing as a child was Five Stars Arising. It’s safe to say that a National Day song is a Singaporean thing.

This year’s NDP song is performed by one of my favourite local artistes, Olivia Ong. Her voice was magical, as always.

… I love my city’s lively ways..

I’m not excited about the song. And I’m sure many Singaporeans are going to agree. It’s a challenge for the NDP team to come up with a good.. no, GREAT song every year. Most of the time, you’ll have a huge bunch of Singaporeans asking for a better song or rather, missing our favourite one.

And the all time favourite NDP Song is Home. Which Singaporean doesn’t know this song? The whole nation sings along whenever Kit Chan (the original performer) performs it on a national stage. There has been no other NDP song like it. Here’s a video of her performance at the National Day Parade two years ago.

This is the time of the year that I miss home and remember again how proud I am to be a Singaporean. We are not perfect, but we are a dot on the map.. a country that’s smaller than the whole of Johannesburg city.. and yet, we are an incredibly strong and well-respected country.

In my humble opinion, it’s pretty amazing.


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  1. This is my first year of being away from SG as NDP approaches. Lots of mixed emotions and funny when you are in SG, you aren’t that hyped over the parade but once you are away, you miss it. It is truly home.

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