The Big Boys Fixed The Wall – Graffiti Rules!

A few weeks ago, I had written about how I had discovered that some idiots had replaced a gorgeous piece of wall art in the inner city with crap.

What used to look like this –

.. had been grossly “vandalised” and replaced by a piece of utter rubbish –

It had been shocking and heartbreaking to see a beautiful piece of art being replaced by what was essentially an advertisement for beer. I’m sure all street art lovers felt what I did – anger and sadness.

The only consolation I had was when I heard that the big boys of graffiti were planning to go back to the same spot and do some good work back on that wall.

A couple of weeks later, I returned to check out the wall again. It was indeed replaced by a gorgeous piece of work by the infamous PCP team. This was spectacular to see in real life.

Graffiti lived, graffiti lives, graffiti will live..

What a brilliant piece of work.

The other end of the wall looked like this. It had the PCP team’s signatures at the left end. Rasty, Curio and Angel were the boys who did this superb piece of work.

What’s really interesting was the subject they had chosen to paint.

The painting of a man holding a spray can at his genitals was the PCP team’s response to a very recent public drama about a piece of artwork painted by a Cape Town-based South African artist, Brett Murray. His painting depicted the South African President, Jacob Zuma in a pose reminiscent of Lenin, with his genitals exposed. Yes, with a penis hanging out.

Source: ABC News

It was a controversial piece of art that had led thousands of people flocking to the gallery where it was displayed to see it. This painting was the only thing that everyone wanted to see the week it was launched. Duh.

It eventually led to a lawsuit by Zuma’s political party, the African National Congress (ANC), and was very soon vandalised by unhappy South Africans. I heard they sprayed paint over the penis part of the painting. It sounded even more comical to me than seeing the actual original artwork.

I love how graffiti can be an interpretation and expression of thought on current issues, and isn’t always just random art and sketches today.

This art in the city is one of the biggest reasons why I find Johannesburg so vibrant and so beautiful in its own way.

Kudos to the PCP team. I look forward to seeing more of their work while we are here in South Africa.


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  1. Yeap, that piece of graffiti artwork is much much better than the “Beer Garden” one. :)

    Interesting to know that graffiti is a form of expression over there.

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