The Ex-City Gal In The Bush

I was going through the photos we shot on our bush trip when I saw this shot taken by the hubby. I burst out laughing.

Can a gal look any more out of place in a bush? This is a typical shot of the city gal that’s still very much in me, but in an environment that is totally raw and natural.

Modern haircut. Cute sun glasses. Posh gel nails. A soft scarf. And equipment that’s way too sophisticated for the wilderness. Only my walking boots were bush-worthy. But you can’t see those in this shot.

I love all the city bits of life just as much. But I haven’t been a true city gal in years. I’ve forgotten how to put on a business suit. Forgotten how to walk with my 3 inch pointy heels. I haven’t put on false eye lashes in forever. I don’t even like shopping anymore. Well, I can’t afford to buy stuff I don’t need anymore so what’s the point..

Being in the bush is magical for this ex-city gal. And a picture I saw floating in Facebook recently says it all for me –

The one thing I’ve always said to my friends and family is how the skies in the bush look like that in environment number 1. It is impossible to photograph or video that gorgeous, vast, glistening starry sky to explain how amazing the skies look when one is in a place where there is absolutely no pollution.

In Singapore, the skies we see are mostly #9. Some days if it’s not so cloudy, we see #7. In the bush, every single day (unless it’s an overcast cloudy day), the skies look like #1.

I love to sit in the landrover, slide as low as I can, push my head back and watch the skies for as long as I can. ♥♥


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