The Skyline of Johannesburg

I’ve been feeling tired and down. That’s why the slow blogging. I haven’t brought my DSLR camera out for more than a week too.

There are some days where I feel so dull that I know that nothing I write will sound happy and fun. Which is exactly the way I don’t want to remember about my life.

So instead of sharing on life, I’m just going to share a snapshot of Johannesburg taken this week. I really really love it.

To see the full length picture of this shot, click HERE.

This shot was taken on the roof top of the Troyeville Hotel on Bezuidenhout Street in Troyeville, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Joburg.

This city has brought us so many unexpected beautiful experiences. I feel guilty that I had thought so badly of it before we moved here. It has a very special place in our hearts now. We’ve met wonderful people. Found lovely friends. We’ve had lots of adventures. And my days are packed with fun things, lovely people, good food and wine.

Life is not a bed of roses here, but I ain’t complaining.



  1. I understand when you said ” thought so badly of it before we moved”. I would have had that thought as well!

    But well, we learn to adapt and to learn of new things. :)

  2. Gorgeous!

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