What We Drink On Cold Winter Nights

It’s no secret that I love my wine. I blame it on living overseas. It’s kind of hard to pay for water when wine costs just as much and is so readily available. But that has been my benchmark on the alcohol aspect. Just wine. I don’t drink much beer, hard liqueur or fancy cocktails.

Until recently. Sigh.

We took our gal to a local night market recently. And she wanted to try a HOT MOJITO. Note the cheeky grin.

Well, to be fair, I started drinking way earlier than she did. And I’m not a stuffy stepmother. Besides, on a cold winter night, it was probably the nicest thing to drink. We forgot all about hot chocolate drinks at that point, of course.

So I ordered two Hot Mojitos. And instructed the stall owner to go heavy on mine and light on hers. Gotta do the parenting thing, you know.

My goodness, it turned out to be the yummiest thing ever. Hot lemonade, mint, ginger and a couple of shots of rum in a large mug. It was nice, warm and strong. I loved it. We both did.

It would have been a relatively innocent evening of drinks with our 17 year old. Except that after that mug, she wanted to try the Hot Apple Toddy too. It was essential hot apple cider with cinnamon. Laced with whiskey.

Another round of hot cocktails (with mine being stronger and hers weaker), and our little gal had a flushed face and I was somewhat weak in the knees.

That evening left me in lust with hot cocktails. Now I like making a mug of juice with vodka or some limoncello with water, and pop that into the microwave for a minute to get a nice warm mug of comfort liquid.

It’s 2°C as I type this. No prizes for getting the right answer to what I’m drinking now.


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