Gastronomic Journey In Spain

I wish I ate better but eating well has been quite a challenge in this trip to Barcelona. I think it’s because I ate by myself a lot and my greedy, usually over-indulgent husband wasn’t with me, so I couldn’t order a feast for dinner like we would do when we travel together. Haha.. =)

Here are snippets of the brief but good gastronomic times I had this week –

From top left corner –

A gigantic glass of sangria savoured along the infamous La Rambla street. Great way to do people watching in Barcelona.

A yummilicious wild mushrooms and iberico ham dish at Tapeo at 29 Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona.

Cava and tapas lunch at the infamous Tapas 24, 269 Carrer de la Diputacio, Barcelona. Lovely nook but expensive food.

Fried anchovies, sea salt and pepper style with lemon juice. I am seriously addicted.

Cava. The best bubbly thing Spain has to offer.

Smashed sunny side up eggs with potatoes and chorizo. How can something so simple taste SO GOOD? From Tapas 24.

My fancy lunch starter of grilled scallops salad at Oleum at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. The food was soul soothing. And the view was spectacular.

And nothing beats sharing tapas, cava and sangria with a bunch of new friends. Here’s me and my friends from Europe, getting smashed one evening. It was heaps of fun.

I’m still amazed I actually did manage to get home that night. Rule of thumb (and something I seem to never learn) – do NOT match the Europeans glass for glass. I admit defeat. =p


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