Hola, Barcelona!

It is a much needed soul calming trip for me and I am grateful to be in Barcelona!

I haven’t taken an aerial shot of a city in a while so it was exciting to shoot this. Arriving in Barcelona on a beautiful bright morning was certainly a bonus!

The first impressions I have of the city have been good. Gorgeous buildings. Interesting and mysterious alleys. So many hot men good looking people to ogle at. =) And so much energy.

My only complaint is the heat. I started to melt as soon as I arrived. It’s hot as hell here! There’s a constant feeling of being baked and I’m as hot and sticky as those danish pastries that are in every bakery here. I’m surprised that I’m struggling when my own country is practically a 24/7 living oven.

I had picked out the apartment that my friends and I were to stay in and it turned out to be a really smart choice. Yeh! It’s a quiet neighbourhood and way out of the touristy La Rambla area. When we look out of the window, we can see the Sagrada Familia. It’s fabulous!

Barcelona has an insane amount of energy. It’s mind boggling. People were out for dinner at 10pm and we found ourselves moving along the streets with hordes of people even close to midnight. Restaurants and bars were still filled. On a Thursday night! This place can rival the crazy happening lifestyle in Hong Kong. Haha..

My favourite part of Barcelona at the moment is most definitely the afternoon lifestyle. Sitting in a bistro, dining al fresco with the gentle cool breeze in our hair, a selection of Spanish tapas and a large jar of Sangria.

I am liking this city very much. Now, let’s see if I can get the cranky air conditioning in our apartment to work harder..



  1. Really cool first shot! I live in Barcelona all year round but I am not used to see the city from that angle :)

  2. Hey gal, can u send me details of d apt u stayed at? Thks!

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