Moving About In Super Hot Barcelona

It’s freaking hot in Barcelona. The locals told us that we were very lucky to catch a heat wave. Duh.

An average day is 31 to 32°C and the highest temperature we’ve experienced to date was 37°C. It sounds mild for a Singaporean and everyone I’ve met was surprised that I was whining so much about the heat when Singapore’s just as hot. The difference is in Singapore, every where is WELL air conditioned. If you’re hot, step into any indoor place.. be it a bus, cab, train, building, restaurant and you are cooled down immediately. Once cooled, stepping out into the sun doesn’t seem so bad before you are indoors again.

In Barcelona, only one month (August! *rolls eyes*) is a hot month. The rest of the year is cool or cold. So the folks here suck it up when it’s hot and practically invest in nothing to cool the air. It’s hot EVERY WHERE. Not kidding. I am sweating like a pig as soon as I wake up. And there is no where to hide from the heat.

My friends and I gave up trying to beat the heat on the 2nd day. We went right out and bought hand fans for ourselves. We’ve spent a lot of time moving about with the local Metro system, which by the way, is fantastic. And it’s so hot in the tunnels that you’ll find these 2 Asian girls fanning themselves furiously with their bright and colourful fans while the train zooms past.

Sometimes there’s a gentle whiff of cool air in the train. But more often than not, it’s hot IN the train too. I’ve been fanning myself so hard that my wrist hurts now.

I will NEVER visit Barcelona in August again. But may I praise Barcelona for an amazing train system. It has taken us just about every where that we wanted to go this week and is seriously the best way to get around in Barcelona.


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