Tea at Westcliff Hotel

It’s not true that every housewife lives a tai tai lifestyle. But being a housewife does come with some perks.

And one of them is being able to go out for a nice afternoon tea. Especially on a day where I was feeling extremely gloomy. That’s exactly what my gal pal did – take me out for a walk, followed by a lovely afternoon at one of my favourite spots to have tea at in Johannesburg – the Westcliff Hotel.

This hotel is one of the poshest establishments in the city and is perched on a hill. Tea or drinks at its pool side comes with a panoramic view of the city.

It was a quiet and calming afternoon. The air was cool, but the hotel staff brought an outdoor heater and blankets for us. It was supposed to be tea, but I justified downing a couple of martinis and amarula shots with the excuse of being in a bad mood. Heh heh.

Not everyone thinks the Westcliff is a gorgeous place. There are certainly other spots in Joburg with a better view and a less expensive service and dining experience. But I really like this little nook and love watching sunset here.

Little Thando liked it too. =)

I’m off to Singapore for a few days.. and then onward to a pretty special trip. I’m super excited. =)


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