Cafe Del Sol, Johannesburg

This is a long overdue post and I only remembered to write it because a new expat friend had asked me this week where my favourite restaurants in Johannesburg were.

The quality of restaurants in Joburg is generally good. Some are exceptional and Cafe Del Sol is definitely one of them. This is by far my favourite restaurant to eat at for a special meal. They are an Italian restaurant and anyone who knows me well will know that picking an Italian restaurant as a favourite is almost a miracle for me. That’s because I’m so cheap that I think paying for stuff like pasta and pizza when I can make pretty good ones myself is a waste of money.

Cafe Del Sol is a small restaurant. So reservations are very tight. Be sure to book in advance. It’s a casual set up with lots of inspiring quotes on food on the walls.

The food is fabulous and every friend I’ve brought there has ended up with a fat belly. Heh heh.

And the one dish that must be sampled is their pannacotta. It is silky and decadent. I haven’t finished a meal in any other way ever since I tasted that. I keep going back to the restaurant just for more of this luscious dessert.

Be warned that they may not do so well with young children. My friend’s little girl did not enjoy her spaghetti in ragu sauce very much and I think it was because the taste was too.. err.. adult-ish. The rest of us did however happily eat up that plate of pasta that she left behind. =p

Cafe Del Sol is located at Cnr Olive & Cnr President Fouche Roads, Olivedale Corner Shopping Centre (shop 17 and 18), Johannesburg. Check out their menu here.




  1. This cafe looks very nice!

  2. We had lunch there last Saturday! Wow, it was very good. As an Italian by marriage I don’t do pasta at restaurants as I can’t stand over cooked mush but theirs was wonderful! My son had thd gnocci which was delicious! We are going back for more panna cotta on Sunday.

    • Its a little gem hidden away!! You should “like” them on Facebook and get an update of all their delicious meals.

  3. Ha ha – so glad I got you hooked on something after you have done to us!!
    Friends of our take their children their and their best pasta is the Alfredo.
    Haven’t been for faaaar too many months ** weep **

  4. I will be trying this spot for sure. I am sure you know about this but the iStore in Jhb, has got a iPhone photographic competition and when I saw it I thought of you! You have a great blog and your pictures are phenomenal. I think you should enter :-)

  5. I *so* know what you mean about not paying for something you can cook yourself at home! For years I refused to go to Italian restaurants because of that. So glad I took my head out my butt and realised that Italian food stretches beyond Bolognaise and Carbonara :-) Will still have to get to Cafe de Sol at some stage!

  6. oh what’s that first dish? looks rather intriguing!

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