Good Health Is The Most Important

I’ve been out of action again. This time, it’s because I haven’t been well.

I woke up one day with a weird excruciating pain in my back and it’s been going on every day ever since. Sigh. It’s moments like this that shakes me up, reminds me that I am no longer young, and makes me realise that really, the most important thing in life is good health.

While I went back and forth to chiropractors, doctors and hospitals, everything else in my life came to a standstill. I lost the mood to hang out with my friends. I stopped lugging my camera bag around in case it made my back worse. I spent hours Googling on mid back pain instead of enjoying precious after-work hours with the hubby. I have become extremely familiar with my spine and all the medical terms that come with my body.

The good thing.. or bad thing?.. is that no Dr or specialist has found anything unusual to date. Which means that this pain I feel remains as mysterious today as when it first started. All the doctors I’ve met in Johannesburg have been exceptionally nice and knowledgeable so I trust I am in good hands. One of them suspects a theory that we are now testing to see if she could be right. Apparently, hundreds of people write in forums about such pain and few have locked down a proper diagnosis or cure. If my Dr is right with her diagnosis, she may just rock the world of pain that hundreds of people are in.

In the meantime, I am doing everything else “right”. Watching my diet. Taking my medication. Not lifting heavy things. Exercising (my friends and family should be gasping now). And getting as much rest as possible. I just need time to adjust to this and exhaust the research I can possibly do on it. And I will get back on my feet and move on with life.

If you’ve been visiting this blog the whole time, thanks for your support. I have been invited to something REALLY exciting this week and can’t wait to share soon. Hint: I’m rubbing shoulders with some of the best chefs in the world. Heehee!

Be well, everyone!



  1. Take care gal!! :)

  2. Yr pain sounds so familiar & feel for you. Told to watch my spine esp when age is catching up; everything seems to be giving way – our body is talking to us in a way. Keep u in prayer for speedy recovery. Stay well!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear bout your backache and hope you’re feeling better. I’ve had on and off backaches and it’s due to me sitting cross legged. The backpain goes away once a stop crossing my legs while sitting. I’m not sure whether yours is related to that but you could give it a try.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that. I was wondering what you are up to. sorry, haven’t been checking much Facebook or anything as we were away most of August and September touring Africa, it seems, and I’m still trying to get a grip again on daily life now that school has started again. If you feel up to it, let’s have coffee!

  5. Take care of yourself and I hope you’ll recover real soon!

  6. take good care of yourself!

  7. Do you take any black or green tea? Because I recently found out that due to the tea leaves fermentation process, it causes joint inflammation. It can be anywhere from your neck, shoulder, backbone to the joints of your limbs. Anyway I hope you’re feeling better now.

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