Grilled Fish With Sun Dried Tomato Relish

I like feeding my family well but have to admit that I don’t like slaving for hours in the kitchen to come up with dinner. Our meals must be good and yet easy enough to prepare without a ginormous amount of dishes to wash later.

This is a simple fish dish that I like to put together when I have a nice thick piece of white fish and some fresh herbs at home.

It’s very easy, requires almost no clean up and looks really good on the plate. I always keep a jar of sun-dried tomatoes at home for this dish. And for the Lemon Infused Spaghetti, with Sundried Tomatoes & Shrimp, which is another one of our family favourites.

The natural sweet juices of the fish is retained when cooked this way. And it’s complemented by the tangy sundried tomatoes. The fresh herbs add depth to the flavours and the cucumber adds a lovely texture to the whole dish. Oh gosh, I’m starting to talk like the folks in Masterchef Australia.. haha..

This is a complete meal when served with Brussel Sprouts in Bacon and Garlic Sauce.

I used kingklip fish in this recipe, but you can use snapper or cod fillets. Any kind of firm white fish will do.

CLICK HERE for more photos and tips, and for a step by step tutorial + recipe on how to cook this dish.


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