Last week, we found a note under our door and it was a message from our neighbour saying that she was going to have a huge party that weekend. In other words, she would be making a lot of noise.

If you are connected with me in Facebook (add me HERE), you would know that I’ve been battling with our neighbour’s inconsiderate behaviour. She blasts music all day long and my knuckles are sore from banging on her door so much to tell her to tone it down. So knowing she was probably going to convert the neighbourhood into a discotheque made me feel miserable. We decided to get out of the city for some peace and quiet.

45 mins in the car and we found ourselves at a serene little spot called Hartbeespoort. It’s a small town that’s famous for a large dam. We had visited the dam gates last year and it was spectacular there. The dam had created a water feature that almost looked like a lake on the map.

It was a beautiful place.

What was really disappointing was that a gorgeous lake-like feature like that did not have any spots for us to park our car and have a picnic. Yes, I know this isn’t New Zealand, but I did pack a picnic basket for the day and the hubby and I really do love sitting by the lake, munching and sipping wine and talking about rubbish stuff.. like about how inconsiderate our neighbour is. Hahaha..

We drove round the entire “lake” and seriously could not find a spot to stop. Everywhere was either private and fenced up, or didn’t look very safe to chill out at. It was exasperating and we finally spotted a “For Sale” sign outside one of the largest private estates there and sneaked in with the excuse of “viewing the property”. Heehee…

Once we got inside, we spent 5 mins with the realtor and left. We drove to a corner of the estate and parked ourselves next to the waters and had our lovely picnic and watched sunset.

It was truly serene out there. Watching flocks of birds go by. Listening to the sound of gentle waves breaking on the shore. And just being out in nature.

I wish it was easier to enjoy this wonderful part of South Africa. It’s a shame that such beauty is very much limited to the affluent. I am a firm believer that the natural environment of a country should be freely enjoyed by all its people. Just like the way it is in New Zealand. I hope that day will come for South Africa.



  1. I so understand what you went through. Our first time at Hartebeespoort dam was the same way, we circled and circled and couldn’t believe there is literally no lake access. We did find the yacht club or whatever it’s called eventually, where you can sit and order lunch and have a nice view, but it’s not direct access. Yes, New Zealand is much better in that way. Though on the flipside, you can’t buy lake property there (we tried, once). All the lake front is public access, so if you want to buy a house on the lake, it has to be farther up the bank it seems, because everything by the water is public. The other thing that’s disappointing about Hartebeespoort Dam is the water quality – full of algae, makin it look very beautifully turquoise but too toxic to actually swim in. Or even waterski. So it’s just a lake to look at from afar, I guess…

  2. I wouldn’t know that there was such hidden beautiful place in South Africa, honestly when i heard Africa all i have remembered was the very sick and malnourished kids that starving for food. Oh no, i might be wrong. Forgive me.

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