Johannesburg Zoo Lake

One of the biggest letdowns we felt when we moved from Auckland to Johannesburg was having to leave behind the gorgeous waters of New Zealand.

Till today, I miss being near blue waters and pristine beaches. We used to be able to go to the beach every week for walks and picnics. And moving to a city where there’s no real beach within 6 hours of home was a real sacrifice. Haha..

So spring has arrived (despite the crazy cold weather), and we were longing for some fresh air and water spots. The nearest place was the Johannesburg Zoo Lake, which we had never been to because it looked like just a small dollop of blue on the map of Johannesburg.

The Zoo Lake turned out to be a beautiful little spot.

It was a really really small lake, but it was charming!

Maybe we were just a little too desperate to be near a water feature again. Because the hubby saw boats being rented out for a leisure ride in that tiny lake, and persuaded me to hop on one!

Photo credit: An entrepreneurial photographer who was making money from taking pictures of people in the park with a mobile printer


It didn’t look like it would be too hard to row that boat, but the hubby struggled quite a bit to work those oars. Haha!

We ended up having heaps of laughs on the boat. And it was a great way to take in some sun, feel the breeze in our hair and smell the water. The lake did look exceptionally pretty from within the boat.

One must be careful while rocking the boat and taking pictures with an iPhone though. It’s not fun to lose a phone or worse, an oar in the water. =)

Just another silly, crazy thing to do in this lovely city.


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