Making Chocolate Truffles

This is the first time I’ve ever attended a paid-for cooking class. I’m so cheap that I’ve always relied on books, Youtube videos and friends to learn to cook. Heh heh.

But a friend had a 50% discount voucher for a Belgian truffles class and asked if I was interested. It worked out to be R180 (~SGD30).. which I thought was pretty cheap for BELGIAN TRUFFLES.. so I signed up for it.

It was fun to make chocolates. Especially when I didn’t have to do the clean up. We made a HUGE mess in that small and old kitchen.

The class was small because it was a weekday and really, only bored housewives would do this. The real truffles expert wannabes would have paid 10 times more and gone to Lindt chocolate studio to learn making truffles.

It was good value for money for us because we got to make 3 main types of truffles and I ended up making like 8 variations of truffles. We started by making different types of ganache bases – white, milk and dark chocolate. And then we added stuff like liquor, coffee flavouring, peppermint, vanilla, raspberry jam to the ganache. It was very fun experimenting.

I had wondered earlier if we would get to bring any of the chocolates home, since the ganache would have to be chilled before they can be rolled into balls and dipped into chocolate. And I didn’t see any blast chillers around. But our teacher disappeared and came back with these for us. Chocolate truffle shells!

All we had to do was pipe the soft ganache into these shells and it would be as if we had rolled the (chilled) ganache and dipped it in chocolate! How brilliant.

We could fill these shells with whichever type of ganache we liked. I made dark chocolate hazelnut truffles, white raspberry truffles, dark chocolate coffee cream truffles, chocolate caramel truffles, vanilla milk chocolate truffles and heaps more weird combinations. We were encouraged to be as creative as we liked.

Decorating the truffles was the best part. This was the moment where the kitchen was completely covered in chocolate as we all tried to create the most professional looking truffles to bring home. Hahaha..

And here are mine. Viola!

I made this box specially for the hubby. =) He got the nicest looking ones.

For the kind of money we paid, I should have known that we would not be using real Belgian chocolate. It was more like Belgian-like truffles in the end. But they tasted pretty good and we were all happy students in the class. It also helped that we got to bring home more than 40 truffles each.

Well, I started off in the class thinking that I would make these at home and would get some ingredients before we left. But changed my mind after the class when I saw how we had almost destroyed the kitchen. =p



  1. Your truffles look very professional!

  2. Ummm Mrs, when you next hussle up a pantry full of truffles, I’d be happy to offer my taste and quality control services. Although I’m not yet an expert – so I have to sample quite a few to form an opinion – I can be counted on to test them all down to the very last one.

    Let me check if I can find a Bible verse that I can [mis]use to get your Hubby to share his windfall with me 😉

    Well done. Them truffles look perfect and I’m sure they tasted just as great.

  3. Hah! You came to Edenvale didn’t you? :-)

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