Moving House

I’ve been missing in action because I’ve had to move house as soon as I returned to Johannesburg.

Our landlord had wanted her place back for herself and we were forced to move out. The new place we picked was perfect for us but had lots of repair works to be done. And our new landlord had promised that the works would be completed by the end of the last week.

Imagine my horror when I returned to Joburg from Barcelona and found scaffolding in the new apartment. There was no way the works were going to be done in time at that kind of pace, and the apartment be cleaned in time for us to move in. My claws came right now. And my Singaporean blood started to boil. Leaving my luggage unpacked for almost a week (laptop in bag untouched for 6 days!), I spent the next 3 days supervising chasing and hovering over contractors, electricians, glass makers, cable TV guys and cleaning ladies like a Project Manager. Anyone who has ever worked with me in my working years would know that that means I gave them hell.

The good part was the workers came in one after another and worked at possibly the fastest speed they’ve ever worked at in their lives, and everything was completed just in time. We managed to move in and after 2 days of unpacking and cleaning, I am exhausted.

I loved our previous home, but our new place has a lovely cozy corner for my cookbooks.

We’ve also invested in our first print of my photographs and we picked this shot of the Johannesburg skyline to print on canvas. It was the longest piece of canvas we had ever printed and measured 150cm by 70cm. I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it after I had paid for the print. What would I do with this long piece of canvas if I hated it when it arrived? But now, hanging in front of our dining table, it’s a subtle piece of “art” that covers the ugly switchboard on the wall. I love it!

The good folks at 3M sent me a bunch of household stuff when they knew I was going to move house. And one of the best things they had sent me were their Command™ products. I use so much of Command™ products because they allow me to hang all kinds of stuff on the walls without having to knock in a nail. They never ruin walls or surfaces.

Along with Command™ picture hooks, these picture hanging strips helped lock the frame in place and provided extra support for the huge and heavy canvas. These things are seriously brilliant. If you’ve been knocking nails in walls and leaving unsightly holes or sticky, hard to remove double sided tape on your walls, check out Command™ products. Note – I am not paid to say this.

The other thing I am really happy about was the printing and framing of some of my iPhone shots for our home. I was inspired by a iPhonography exhibition in the inner city recently. A guy was selling iPhone shots in white frames for R1000 (SGD150) a piece! They were selling like hot cakes! I loved the idea but was too cheap to buy his art. So I sourced for a frame maker to make the same kind of frames and printed my shots with a friend’s printer. Heh heh.

These white frames are scattered all over our home now. They are a reminder of where we are from, where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. I love them.

I’ll take a while to settle down, and I’ll be sharing a little more about my trip in Spain. Stay tuned. =)



  1. Yay thanks for the tip on the hanging Karen – I’m busy moving into my place in New York and was wondering how I was gonna hang stuff without damaging the walls. X

  2. Hi Karen! The partment looks great! I might have to ask your advice on decor tips :) Love to Jozi canvas, and the Instagram frames. You’ve inspired me to print some of my instagram pics. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did the framing cost for the white frames?

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! :) show us more pictures that you have around your house!

  4. Your new place looks great!

  5. Nice place:)

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