My Pet Is A Snake

So I met a little girl. And her father tells me she has the best pet in the world.

It was a corn snake. *gulp*

Apparently, it’s the best kind of pet ever for young children. Unlike cats, dogs and hamsters, corn snakes don’t smell, need cleaning or feeding or tender loving care. They just need to be fed frozen dead rodents. And they go to sleep for weeks when winter hits. Best part is, they don’t bite.

Although I did need a large glass of wine to weaken my nerves before I was convinced. Haha..

Here are the girls sharing their pet snake, Lucy with me.

Being able to say “My pet is a snake” is so cool. And it costs way less than to keep a hippo (see My Pet Is A Hippopotamus) too.


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  1. Hi Karen,

    While doing research, I was surprised and stumbled across your blog! Amazing documentaries of places that I have not even been to as yet. I have no excuses after seeing some of your trips galavanting about Joburg

    Seems like you had an amazing time in Joburg and I am glad, hopefully you will visit soon again!

    Ling :)

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