The Good Food & Wine Show Prelude

Yes, the Good Food and Wine Show has come to Johannesburg.

Which is fabulous timing because summer has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate the glorious sun than with good food and wine? Especially in South Africa, where the people are so passionate about their produce, food and drinks.

Getting an invitation from the organisers to the media prelude was a bonus. I knew I would be at the event this weekend for sure, but having the opportunity to chill at the lovely gardens of the gorgeous Palazzo Montecasino Hotel and to meet celebrity chefs was a rare privilege.

If the event this weekend is going to be anything like the media prelude, then it’s going to be a big bang. I’m sure there will be fabulous food, wine, chef demonstrations and entertainment. Some of the food I tasted today made me weak in the knees.

The food was great, but let’s not kid ourselves. In an event like this, the best part was definitely an opportunity to rub shoulders with the big boys. It was a huge honour to meet the chefs from the Masterchef shows. I’ve been a religious follower of the show and meeting George Calombaris, one of the judges of Masterchef Australia in person was an incredible experience.

Like his on-screen persona, George came across as cold and stern. I was a little apprehensive about sitting down with him for a chat. But he turned out to be friendly and very chatty.

I asked George if he’s always such a perfectionist or if that’s just an image he portrays on TV. And he shared that yes, he expects the most out of every contestant, all his staff and himself. He’s tough on the contestants because he wants to remind them to cherish the opportunity of being on the show, and get serious about fulfilling their dream in the food industry. He doesn’t waste his time with people who are just looking for an opportunity to get on TV.

In the same afternoon, I also got to meet the winner of Masterchef Australia Season 2, Adam Liaw. He was such an interesting, friendly chap! With a half-Singaporean-half-Malaysian heritage and a Japanese wife, Adam’s kind of food is our kind of food. I am really looking forward to tasting his dishes at the Good Food and Wine Show.

The show is going to be very exciting because there are so many attractions like the Chefs in Action Theatre where celebrity chefs will be whipping up their signature dishes, and the Denny Mushroom Braai and Buy Pavilion where celebrity chefs showcase braai (BBQ) ideas from all over the world.

Chocolate lovers can skip the cheap Belgium Truffles class I did last week, and go for a real chocolate course at the Lindt Chocolate Theatre. And coffee lovers can learn how to make a perfect brew and create latte art at the Creative Coffee Theatre.

For me, the one attraction that has really caught my attention is the Masterchef Live Experience. This is the first time that the Good Food and Wine Show has gotten the rights to showcase a Masterchef experience. Which means that chefs from the Masterchef shows in Australia and South Africa will be doing MasterClasses. There will be opportunities for the public to participate in Pressure Tests and Mystery Box Challenges.

I’ve signed up for classes with Adam Liaw and Callum Hann (winner of Masterchef Australia All Stars). And I’ve also signed up for *gulp* a Mystery Box Challenge. I have no idea what I was thinking when I did that. I thought it would be fun. But now I’m sweating. Cooking and plating an impressive meal in 30mins with like, 5 ingredients is so stressful! I’m sure I am going to make a fool of myself.

Tucking into a delicate red velvet cake. Yummmmm…

Stay tuned! And don’t forget to check out the Good Food and Wine Show this weekend if you are in Johannesburg!

The Good Food and Wine Show in Johannesburg will be held from 21-24 September 2012 at the Coco Cola Dome.

Come to the show for a food extravaganza, as well as the opportunity to meet and learn from overseas celebrity chefs like George Calombaris, Adam Liaw, Callum Hann, Levi Roots and Anjum Anand, as well as local SA celebrity chefs like Benny Masekwameng, Andrew Atkinson and Sue-Ann Allen.

For details on the event and activities, click here.



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