Unit 14.. Not

We are settling down in our new place and I’m trying to get my mojo back.

I do like our new place, although it has given us a lot of problems and still has all kinds of problems. This is Africa, after all.

And one of the biggest problem with the new place when we first considered it was that it was Unit 14. If you are Chinese, you would know that any number with a “4” is no good. One-four in Chinese sounds like “sure die”. The (superstitious) Chinese will believe that such a unit number will bring us bad luck.

So I did a very auntie, ah-soh thing.. and went out and bought some stickers. And I did this –

I added a couple of eights at the bottom of the unit signage at the door of our apartment. I kept them small and relatively inconspicuous so that the building management wouldn’t think it’s vandalism and remove them.

Now the sign reads as “1488” instead of “14”, which translates into “forever prosper” (一世发发)in Chinese. Heh heh. It’s my way of breaking the bad luck. Haha!

Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff that goes on in my head.



  1. haha, I can’t stop laughing reading this!
    You are so smart, I never think about that! That is really a good idea to make ourself comfort!

  2. I also had a 4 in my apartment number…..in my previous apartment (the one you stayed at) was 114. I should have put in 88 on there too lol.

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