Mission Bay

When we relocate, there are usually some things that we love and we can easily pack up and bring with us no matter where we go. And some things that we have to leave behind that make us weep.

This gorgeous stretch of blue waters was one of the things that we were really sad to leave behind when we left Auckland.

Mission Bay was the hubby’s favourite place to jog at when we lived in Auckland. It was our favourite place to pick up some fish and chips, and eat them picnic style on a mat on the grass and watch the waves crash on to the shore. I loved coming here for Movenpick ice cream in the evenings too.

So while we were in Auckland, Mom and I returned to Mission Bay for a long walk.

It’s the best place to walk or jog because there are pedestrian paths along the beach, adjacent to the main road. Cyclists have their own lane too. And since the pathways feel endless, they are good for days where one has a lot of thinking to do.

This is a serene, calm place and quite unlike the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona that I had visited in August. Mission Bay is no topless beach for tons of people to see and be seen. This is a beach for quiet enjoyment and slow walks.

In the evenings, the best direction to walk is towards Okaku Bay, westwards of Mission Bay. The sun would be setting and there would be a lovely glow on the waters.

From Okahu Bay, the skyline of Auckland city centre is gorgeous in the dusky light.

All shots were taken with my lovely new iPhone 5. Who needs to lug around a giant DSLR these days? =)


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  1. It’s really nice view. However, the deep waters seems frightening to me. What is the waves comes over me…..

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