My Favourite Things To Do In Auckland

I’m really lucky to have the coolest and best Mommy in the world. My mother is super super cool and it’s such a blessing to have her in my life. Some gals grow up absolutely dreading the presence of their mothers. They would PAY their mothers to go away on a holiday, but I on the other hand, love travelling with my Mom.

I loved re-visiting my favourite spots in Auckland with her, and two of my favourite things to do in that city are (1) to go up the Auckland Sky Tower, and (2) to go on a Harbour Cruise. I’ve done these many many many times, and have never gotten sick of them.

Mom and I on the top of the Sky Tower


The Auckland Sky Tower is iconic in the city. It stands proud and tall in the centre of Auckland city. One can catch glimpses of it from many parts of Auckland, even from our old home, which was a 20 minutes drive away from the city. It’s a spectacular structure.

I wanted to do the Sky Jump, which was a bungy jump from the top of the tower but Mom wouldn’t let me. I think she didn’t want me to die pass out on her. Haha..

So we ended up just spending a leisurely afternoon up there with glasses of wine, enjoying this panoramic view.

As usual, I stood over the glass floor windows and snapped some pictures. Mom remained a chicken and just stood at the edges of the glass windows. Haha..

They do make your knees go a little weak as you stand over them and look down at the moving cars and pedestrians.

A Harbour Cruise in Auckland is simply a leisurely ride on a boat in the Waitemata Harbour and many boat companies offer that in the city. You can pick from a quick 2 hour cruise to a long 4 to 5 hours one that takes you whale watching. The whale watching cruise was something the hubby and I used to love to do, except that we had absolutely zero luck with the whales. They must be allergic to us.

We took the 2 hour cruise this time because I wasn’t in the mood to try to look for whales again. The weather was gorgeous so we had a lovely time on the cruise, looking out at the sparkling blue waters.

I have really missed this. Being able to go out and enjoy nature like this on any day while living in Auckland was the best.

This cruise took us under the Auckland Harbour Bridge and gave me a chance to look at this magnificent bridge again up close. We could see the Auckland skyline (and the Sky Tower) from here. Thank goodness I have a wide angle lens now!

That’s all for our short but very fulfilling trip to New Zealand. I will always cherish the time Mom and I spent together. And it was really wonderful catching up with all our lovely old friends. I am grateful to everyone for taking time to catch up with us, taking us to eat wonderful food and facilitating our stay. xx

Goodbye again, Auckland. I hope to see you again soon.


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