Seafood Madness at Hammerheads Restaurant

Mom and I counted our dollars and pennies, and we decided that we had enough money to indulge in a fine meal before we ended our trip in New Zealand.

In Johannesburg, it’s no secret that we have our favourite seafood restaurant, Fishmonger. Not many people know that our favourite restaurant in Auckland was the Hammerheads Restaurant. The hubby and I used to celebrate every birthday there.

Hammerheads does great seafood platters and the one we had did not fail. It was a spectacular spread of fresh oysters, scallops, crayfish, soft shell crab, calamari, prawns, clams, snapper fish fillets and mussels. And it came with a seafood chowder that was loaded with seafood too. It’s amazing how much two women can eat.

Everything was so fresh that it all tasted like it was fresh out of the sea. It was all perfectly cooked, as always. And true to Kiwi fashion, we had the yummiest New Zealand sauvignon blanc to complement the meal. This was serious gastronomic heaven.

I was so stuffed with seafood and wine that I collapsed on my bed and crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel. What a nice finale to a wonderful trip with Mom. Heh heh.

Hammerheads Restaurant is located at 19 Tamaki Drive, Okahu Bay, Auckland. If you visit this restaurant, forget everything else on the menu and just go for their seafood platter (for 2) and the best bottle of sauvignon blanc you can afford to drink. You won’t regret it.




  1. Awwwwwww…… i misssss NZ so much!

  2. I love seafood platter! Yummies!
    The photo you have really makes me drool…it does not beat the seafood platter done up in SG.

  3. Thanks for introducing Hammerhead Seafood Restaurant + Bar. Hubby & I decided to head there for lunch yesterday after visiting Kelly Tarltons Waterworld but it unfortunately does not open for lunch on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday we drove up again as it’s just 10 minutes’ drive from where we are staying around the viaduct. We ordered the seafood platter and added a lobster which they called crayfish. When the food came out, it blew me away – it looked soooo beautiful!! It was spectacular, just like from any 5 star hotel/restaurant. I wish I could paste a photo here but it would not allow me to do that. There were altogether 9 different items on the platter. The lobster came on a different plate. There were 3 raw items and 3 salads. Overall the taste was 4/5 and appearance wise was 6/5 … haha. If there’s anyway to send you a photo, I’d love to do that. All the best!

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