Bungee Jump At Orlando Towers, Johannesburg

Last weekend, we attended a party where some new South African friends started asking me if I’ve done this and that in Johannesburg, and one of the questions was – “Have you jumped off the Orlando Towers?”

I was like, “Of course not, I’m not crazy.”

Yeap.. one must be nuts to hang by a cable from the ankles and throw themselves off these –

And fortunately (or unfortunately?) for us, we have some friends who were nuts enough to give it a try. Hahaha.

The hubby and I were not going to miss this. We got to the towers to be our friends’ cheerleading team/videographer/photographer for the day. That was our official role. But really, we were just there to poke fun at their nervousness and make sure they don’t chicken out at the last minute. #evil

The Orlando Towers are a prominent landmark in Soweto in Johannesburg at 100m tall. Built in 1951 as cooling towers (now defunct) for the Orlando Power Station, they stand tall and proud today as an entertainment centre. Both towers were painted in bright colours. This was probably the largest mural painting in South Africa.

And yes, the bungee jump platform was built at the top, in between these two towers at 100m above ground. And our friends, R and M were going to do the jump. It was the first time they’ve ever done a bungee jump, and why they had chosen to do it here (of all the places they’ve been to!) was mind baffling. This was not some professional set-up like AJ Hackett!

I applauded them for their guts because I’ve long decided after a bungee-like jump called the Shwoop in New Zealand several years ago, that I was never going to put myself through a jump like that again. That jump had my heart in my mouth when I came flying down. I had decided that one experience was more than enough for a lifetime.

So I hugged my friends good-bye *grin* Good luck, I mean. And I held my breath as I watched them board this err.. elevator to go up to the top of the tower. This thing was going up at the slowest speed ever and it looked soooo flimsy. It was kind of cranking its way up. I wondered how old this elevator was.

Armed with our cameras, the hubby and I watched and laughed as our friends came SCREAMING down. It was kind of hilarious, being the audience because they both screamed so loudly.

It looked really scary. Kudos to our friends who actually had the nerve to jump off that platform. Ok, one of them (M) admitted that she was shoved down by the jump guide, but hey, she survived. But barely. Hahaha..

The first thing I said to M when she got down was – “What? You’re still alive? I still have to cook dinner for you?” Heh heh.

It was a really fun morning. I think it was just as fun being spectators as it was for the jumpers. Except we didn’t have the nauseating feeling they had afterwards. But we didn’t have the adrenaline charge they had too.

So if you have heaps of guts, give this a go. It’ll be a hell of an experience.

The Orlando Towers is a vertical adventure facility and tourist attraction in Soweto, Johannesburg. They have activities like bungee jump, power swing and abseiling. Bungee jumps are R480 (SGD65) each. Spectactors can go up to the top with the jumpers for a fee. But no photography is allowed at the top of the towers.




  1. Great post and pics. I would never have the courage to jump. I also joined some friends when they did the jump and went with them at the top. Was too scary, I couldn’t even stand on the edge!

  2. This would scare the living daylight out of me. Just watching my son jump off the Bloukrans bridge made my knees go wobbly and gave me that sickening feeling. And I was too chicken to walk onto the bridge with him.
    Nice to see M and R back in Joburg!

    • Awesome!!! I HAVE to do this!! Love heights!!

  3. The more I read other people’s stories the more nervous I get lol 2 weeks till my jump :/

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