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Updated on 15 March 2014 –

Hi, I’m Bing. Welcome to this humble space of mine.

I’m a born and bred in Singapore city girl living the fast paced corporate lifestyle and I am passionate about travel, food and wine, cooking and photography. I spent several years living the expat wife life while the husband moved about for work and a huge volume of this blog documents our experiences in the lovely cities of New Zealand and South Africa.

This blog has travelled a long journey with us. I started off with the intention to leave stories on our overseas life for the folks back home, but I had ended up with a precious memory vault. This is where the best of my experiences, thoughts and dreams are.

Thanks for reading!



  1. WOW! I love reading your blog! Amazing pictures, and even more amazing food! You’re definitely someone that does everything WELL! =)

    And it’s great to see how well you get along with your stepkids! Your family is really sweet together! =)

    • Hi Steph, I just saw this comment! :-p

      Thanks for reading my blog. YOUR family is really sweet. I love reading about your little one. =)

  2. Awesome site! And great photography skills =)

    Btw, Happy CNY!!

    • Hi Jason.. thanks! Happy CNY to you too! :-)

  3. Hey, Karen, i reactivated my facebook. Will not be there often though cos i do not really enjoy all the poking and replying to request.

    Very happy to know you are doing so well.

    email me to keep in touch.

    Will sometimes go to facebook to look at your updates.

    Do take care in NZ, if i ever drop by, i’m be sure to give drop you an email.


    • Thanks Isaac! Hugz!

  4. Hello.
    Stumbled upon your blog… Love your posts and esp photos of NZ sceneries!


    • That’s such a sweet note. Thanks Elaine!

  5. hi!
    just wanted to say that i enjoyed reading your blog. amazing pictures of the place/things/people!

    And i think you are so lucky! i have been to auckland once and totally love the place, hope that i will have the opportunity to go there again.

    take care and i hope that i will continue to rem a line that you have mentioned about writing the positive things in life :)

    Just happened to hop over to your blog when you left a msg with angela

    • Thanks for your note, Joyce! I was just telling a couple of friends today about how I strive to keep a positive note on my blog. We all have our share of struggles & grief, but life is too short to track those stuff! And yes, I do feel lucky for the opportunity to be in NZ! =)

  6. Hi there Bing! was blog walking and came to your site. Really great and clean blog. Hope its all beautiful for you there! I wish to have to feeling of no pressures and dateline from work! Envy you! Cheers!!

    • Hi Moey, thanks for your note! I see u r looking forward to SATC 2 too.. I can’t wait! =)

  7. Hello there, thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s great to hear from another fellow Singaporean ya. You have a great site over here, great photos and food, shall bookmark and visit often. 😉

    • Hey Johnson! Are u kidding me? YOUR site is great! I’m so addicted to your tuts. Haha!

  8. Hi, I just happened to bump into your blog through 10.steps, and I think you have a lovely lovely blog! I also love your haircut! Teehee! I have a short bob too, but doesn’t look as good as you. Anyway, will be following you, because I just love the warm feeling I get here. :) Greetings from Brunei!

    • Greetings, Amy! Thanks for visiting and for your kind compliments. *blush* Come back and visit often!

  9. I just found my inspiration for the day. Thanks Bing. I’m really enjoying my first visit to your blog.

    • What a lovely note for MY day. Thanks Ali! =)

  10. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and it’s really a good-feel blog. Will definitely be back. Btw, you don’t look like a mother!

    • Thanks for your note, Charles! *beams*

  11. stumbled your blog from omy Singapore blog awards..and gosh!! you are a mother of two big kids??? i can’t believe it!! how did you manage to look so youthful?? teach me plz! :)

    you got a very nice blog. subscribed to your feed and i’m voting for you :) good luck and all the best!!

    • Thanks for your support, Joyce! I wish they were mine, but they are my stepkids. Although my stepson likes to tell people I’m his mom, just to see their reactions. Haha!

      • lol…i’m sure most people will have that kind of surprised look on their face!!

  12. hello! i love your blog, every single bit of it from your pictures to the way you express yourself! i’m studying overseas right now and i can’t wait to get back home to my huge dosages of crab too..

    keep the lovely posts coming :)

    • Thanks W!

      A good dose of crabs is always what I need when I go back to Singapore. It’s the only thing I really crave when I am away. Haha!

  13. Hi Bing,
    I happened to click on the link to your site from OMY Singapore Blog Awards. Love all the interesting reads and recipes that you posted. Lovely photos too. Will definitely be following your updates closely :)

    • Thanks for your note, Maine! I’ve got some adventures with Tomo coming up. Stay tuned! =)

  14. Hi
    came to know about your blog through Leonny’s. And I’m loving it already! I like Tomo and the way you described him! You look gorgeous and thanks for telling me that the two teenagers are your stepkids… you look so young and I couldn’t believe that you have two big kids already. You sure get along well with them. Great family you have!

    Will hop by again…

    • Thanks for your lovely note, Tin! It would be wonderful if I had two big kids at my age. My retirement plan would look wonderful. Hahaha.. they are great kids and wonderful to be with. I’m lucky to have them in my life. =)

      Swing by often! =)

  15. Hi Bing aka Karen, Have came across your blog recently… from oureverydaythings.com when Leonny was blogging abt the Singapore Blog Awards 2010… From then, I was hooked to your writing, your pictures and your sharing… I was trying to do marathon to read all your previous posts.. Unfortunately I am still in page 11.. haha
    But never mind, I shall take my time and enjoy your posts..

    Keep them coming and be happy and full-of-life coz it is contagious!! =)

    Oh… you and Tomo are kawaii!! =)


    • Thanks for your generous compliments, JusKawaiMe! What a cute little nickname you have. =) I’m thrilled that you think I am as cute as Tomo! Hahaha.. have fun combing through my archives! =)

      • Have finished already! =)
        Enjoying all postings

  16. Hello dear! I just stumbled upon ur blog. It’s so pretty~ love the beautiful pics, the clean layout and your insightful comments :) Envious of ur life too! U r going to have a new fan here now!

    • Thanks Ching! I’m glad you think my comments are insightful. Sometimes I worry I’m rambling crap! Haha.. Keep coming by! =)

  17. Nice family u have! I love how clean your layout looks. The content and photos are so beautiful too. Definitely learnt something from here. :)

    • Thanks LJ! Yes, I feel blessed for my family too. They are greeeat! =)

  18. Hi Bing,

    I chanced upon your blog and love it! Noticed that you live in NZ sometimes. We’re also Singaporeans that live in NZ, been here for a year or so now. Yep, just wanted to say hi and will pop in and visit your blog regularly!

    Ai Ling

    • Hi Ai Ling, thanks for saying Hi! It must be cold in NZ now, take care and come by often! =)

  19. Dear Bing,
    After reading your rules of life, I feel that it is very interesting. In particular, I like the rule don’t dwell on the past. Live here, live now and live for the moment. Thanks for your experiences. Do you mind if i quote your rules of life and share it with my friends on facebook?


    • Thanks Val! I’m glad you find them useful for you. Feel free to quote them and share!

  20. hello, nuffnang-er here and dropping by…congrats for being featured blogger of the month.:D

    • Thanks Ph1l1p, it’s certainly an honour for me! =)

  21. nice..i’m figuring out how to become a featured blogger for nuffnang/ph..hehe

  22. Hi Bing!
    I’m a new reader, and definitely your latest fan! Love your blog, from the recipes to the posts and also your romance *big shiny eyes*

    I could continue gushing, but I’ll stop here. Don’t stop your awesome blogging! =D

    • aaaaaw.. thank you, May! That’s such a sweet note. Keep coming back! =)

  23. Hi, Bing ! I’m a new reader. I get to know you through Nuffnang SG.
    Congrats for being featured blogger of the month :)
    I love your photography skills. You’re really good ! I’m trying to be like you with my lousy camera 😀

    Don’t stop blogging. I’m your loyal reader now :)
    At first, I don’t believe that you’re a mom. You’re so young !
    Then, I realized that they’re step kids.
    You’re lucky to have a happy family 😀

    Good Luck in NZ. Enjoy your life !!!

    By Kelly.

    • Thanks for your kind compliments, Kelly! It’s a real honour for me to be Nuffnang’s featured blogger. I am really motivated by the Nuffnang team to write better and take better pictures for my blog. Please come back often! =)

  24. Hi! Chance upon your blog from Nuffnang. Congrats for being the featured blogger.

    You have a great site and a lovely life that’s something I look forward to in future years too!

    Hope to read more from you!

    • Thanks Evon! I’ll definitely keep writing! =)

  25. oh man, what a beautiful blog. stumbled upon ur blog from ourlittlesmarties.com. u have great sense of humour and I like it very much!

    had subscribed to ur rss. keep writing!

    • Hi Shirley! I missed your comment earlier.. thanks for leaving me such a sweet note and thanks for subscribing. I hope you have fun here! =)

  26. You have a nice and informative blog. Give up your bank job for the man of your dreams? go for it!

    • Thanks Diana! It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but definitely no regrets! =)

  27. I like ur blog. Simple, nice and elegant. Keep blogging and thanks for posting a comment on my best friend. She is awed by your comment.

    • Hi Macy.. thanks for your note! Who is your best friend? I’ve been blog surfing my readers’ sites lately. =)

  28. Your comment:
    Hi Bing.. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so elated to receive a comment from you! I never thought that you’d actually drop by to your reader’ blogs and say hi!! Wish you all the best with your new life in South Africa! Another phase of exciting new life ahead for you. Can’t wait for your stories from South Africa. My Indonesian friend lived there before and recently she came back to SA again for holiday. It must be a good place. Cheers!

    • Sorry for the late reply, Christine.. I lost track of comments! South Africa is great so far, thanks for your blessings!

      • Hey Bing,

        No worries. Understood that you are real busy these days. Seems that you are enjoying your new life in SA, which is a good thing. BTW, I like your new profile write-up. Good job there. Cheers!!

  29. Thank you for doing what you’re doing!
    I’m a fan… “)

    • Thanks for the support, Javier! =)

  30. Chanced upon your blog via Omy bloggers award and I love it!
    Interesting updating and I love your detailed receipes too! I had tried a few and I am looking forward for more! :)

    God Bless! :)

    • Sorry for the late reply, Jo.. I lost track of comments! Thanks for liking the recipes. I’ve been a little slack in putting more up coz I’m adjusting to my new kitchen, but will get cooking again soon. Stay tuned!

  31. dear bing, have a pleasant stay in SA and we, being your loyal fans would def wanted to hear more about SA, and pic too.

  32. Hi Bing! Love your new “About” page (: Have fun in South Africa! 😀

  33. Hi, it’s so impressive that when i was dropping by http://www.omy.sg and saw your blog fortuitously. Very beautiful blog and also glad to see your most wonderful life with your lovely family. Love your blog very much! Wish you Merry Christmas in advance and enjoy the wonderful season the place you live…

    • Thanks Calvin. I hope you swing by often. Merry Christmas to you too!

  34. Hi Bing, i love you and your blog as much. very nice and organized blog layout, nice and rich content. Through your wonderful blog, i see part of the world and part of your life :) Keep it up and continue blogging even if people make stupid comments. Take care! <3

    • Thanks Jayme. Your kind words are such strong motivation for me to keep blogging! =) Keep coming by!

  35. And here I was thinking initially that Bing was the Microsoft search engine :-) Your version of Bing is much more fun! Welcome to South Africa – we hope you have a great time!

    • Thanks Clare. I am looking forward to great times here too! =)

  36. Hi Bing,
    I have been a silent reader of your blog as I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures and interesting musings in your life… Oh, not forgetting the yummy receipes which I have tried out myself! :)

    I hope its not too much of a trouble to you but I would just like to seek your advise on my upcoming trip to NZ… It’s my first time to NZ (flying into Auckland) in May. I have read your ‘must-see/go places in NZ’ and they are amazing… However, my problem is, I’ll be holidaying with my aged mum (72 years old) and she can’t do anything too streneous. She’s fine with walking/strolling and although I do have a driving license, she does not want me to drive as I am not a very experienced driver. Would it be dangerous to drive in NZ? Especially in North Island? Or else another option would be to join those daily sightseeing tours? The only setback is the time restriction… p.s: do not really enjoy being ushered around like lambs… :(

    Could you please reply to my personal email and we can chat further?

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply… :)

    • Hi Ryann, I hope I’ve helped to ease your concerns about NZ. I wish you a good holiday with your Mom!

      Cheers, Bing

      • Hi Bing,

        I’m sure I’ll have a great time with my mom too! Thank you so much for all your helpful advice! :)


  37. Hi! Love your photos so much. I will put your ‘project 365’ to my blog roll.

    • Thanks Cslau! I’m glad you enjoy them. =)

  38. It was great getting to know you as you get to know our fair city. May we be good friends for a long time.

    • Hi Jerome, it was great getting to know you too! I’m sure we’ll see each other and each other’s camera alot. =) Cheers!

  39. I happen to stumble upon your blog and what a lovely blog it is! You seem like such a wonderful person! You look so very young and yet you seem to have your life all sorted out :) I am loving your blog and I will definitely look out for more post! ♥♥

    • Hi Tani.. welcome! I wouldn’t dare to claim I’m a wonderful person. But I do try to do more good than bad. Haha.. My life is far from sorted out.. but I’ve had alot of good guidance from many mentors in my life and I’ve learnt to focus on the good and accept the bad. =) Thanks for your note. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying my blog. Stay tuned!

  40. Hi Bing
    I have a friend in Hong Kong on business and I was looking for some suggestions on where she could eat while there. I found your blog and really enjoyed your writing/descriptions/pics of good places to try there–I particularly liked your variety of different restaurants and they all seemed enjoyable with great food (or so it looked like from the pictures…).

    Do you have a list for Singapore like the one you just did for Hong Kong, she is going there next (or soon) and I thought it would be great to let her know.

    I have never been to Hong Kong or Singap. but your writing made it seem like it is somewhere I should definetly visit!

    Thanks for all your hard work on the site.
    Take Care,

    • Hi Fran, thanks for your kind note! I’ve considered writing a post on the great places to eat in Singapore but it’s honestly difficult. Being a local Singaporean, what’s good to me will not have much tourist value and would most likely be out of the way for the regular visitor to my country. It’s hard for me to recommend the more commercial/touristy places to eat at because they are not the best! But you did give me a great suggestion, and perhaps I can work on the best things to eat + a few places to get them in Singapore. Let me think about that. =)

      Thanks again.


  41. Hi, i happened to just stumbled across your blog and you know what your blog rocks!! 😀 really loving it to bits.
    Did you study graphic design? I love everything in your blog.
    and we’re using the same camera! 😀 a 7D 😀

    • Welcome Ruilynn! Thanks for such a sweet note. No, I didn’t study graphic design.. or design of any sort! But I’ve always liked beautiful things and am a closet geek. Hahaa.. I love the 7D. It’s such a great camera, isn’t it? =)

      • Oh yesss 7D is way beyond awesome! =) But nevertheless, i always wanted a 5D. Ahhhhh let’s just be contented =P

        You top my blogger’s list. Now i shall stalk you everyday!
        Probably that we have the same interest you see. It feels good to finally found someone who likes photography and have a neat blog and uberly down to earth =)

        Have a great day ahead!

  42. Love your blog! The Lion park is one of my favourite places on earth. The little bird with the white spotted feathers are called Guinea Fowl.

    • Thanks Emm!

      You’re right, it IS the guinea fowl. I never knew what it was called till now. Thanks alot! =)

      • My pleasure. They are my favourite bird ever. I found you through Mireille’s Facebook / blog by the way.

  43. I hope you enjoy your time in S.A. It’s a beautiful country, and I’m glad you are settling in, making friends and getting out. Sure it’s not entirely safe, but then where is?, as long as you’re sensible you should be fine. I hope you get out of S.A once in a while, you should go up north and visit Zimbabwe (where I’m from) – its beautiful, and really worth a trip, also get to Mozambique (there’s gorgeous beaches), and Namiba for the Skeleton Coast etc. Enjoy S.A., if I could I’d be back in Zim faster than you can blink, Africa gets under your skin. =)
    Love the photos btw!

    • Hi Donna, I totally agree that SA is a beautiful country and one just has to be sensible about the security here, and it’ll be fine. We hope to visit Zimbabwe too. I really want to see the Victoria Falls. The hubby has been to Namibia and he loved it. I’m jealous! Haha.. Thanks for swinging by. I hope you linger around! =)

  44. I love the pictures and the posts.
    I love how you love life and your positiveness.

    You just testified that there are real blissful love around and you are one happy recipient of this blessing. I am so thankful to come across your blog!

    • Thanks Deb! What a lovely note. Yes, I’ve been very blessed. Life is not a a bed of roses.. but when it is sweet, I like to enjoy and cherish it. =) Stay around yeah!

  45. Hi Bing,

    Just wanted to commend your discipline in your Project 365, and your regular blogging. I tried blogging but never had the determination to write and take pictures regularly. I like the design of your blog, the pictures, the captions and the stories you share – very down-to-earth yet not too angry/bitter… keep it up!

    • Hi Joelle, it’s definitely a commitment to do the Project 365. But it’s like once you start on it, you want to do it every day so that you don’t fall off the wagon and waste all the past days’ effort. Some days I have to nag at myself to remember to shoot!

      Thanks for liking my blog. I’m glad you think I’m not too bitter.. it’s so easy to fall into that trap! Haha.. Hang around ok? =)

  46. Hi Bing,
    Voted for you in SBA2011 cuz your blog is really fun to read! It feels real. You have a really cute character as well. Will be reading you regularly :)


    • oh my goodness, Zoe.. you called me cute! I want to hug you now. Hahaa.. Thanks for voting for me! =)

      xoxo, Bing

      • I forgot to mention, and will be voting for you everyday =)
        Hope you win the title.

  47. Hi Bing! I came by from SBA2011 and I’m really drawn to your gorgeous photography and website! I’ve always told my husband that I don’t mind being a trailing spouse and travel the world too, but ah well, his career change means we’re staying put. hee.

    • Thanks Corsage! A trailing wife is actually a rather challenging role. sometimes I wish we didn’t have to move so much. But life has its own way of surprising us. =)

    • Wow.. thanks for the write up! =)

  48. Hi Bing! Nice to know you and your blog is awesome! I hope to learn more from you as I’m a noob to blogging (just started mine this Feb, 4mths now) :)
    I love your family pic! I’m sure you’re just like a closed friend and sister to your stepkids! 😀

    • Thanks Lyn! I love our family pics too. We don’t get such shots alot since the kids are older now and don’t like to stay still and smile nicely for photos. Actually, I think I’m more like a grandparent than a friend to my stepkids. I’m one of the naggiest adults in their life. Haha..

      • You’re most welcome Bing! 😀
        Actually now both my girls, age 10 & 6yrs old, esp. the elder one, already started disliking take photos about 2yrs back! Maybe due to my too frequent snapshots of them.. Hee 😛
        You’re really humorous! You look so young and yet keep saying that you’re so much more older! I think they enjoy your humorous naggings and don’t mind them.. lol 😀

  49. Hi Bing, came across your site from another blog. Love your beautiful pictures and posts! Will be back =)

    • Thanks iwhipiwokicraft! You have a beautiful blog too. And I love pink just like you!

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