The Top Must-See Places in New Zealand – Part 1

Posted on Mar 10, 2010 in Bing, New Zealand, Travel

I often get asked about holidaying in New Zealand and which are the best places to go to. To be honest, the entire country is fabulous. If you are looking for a holiday destination to relax, then pick any spot in NZ and just park yourself there and you’ll have a great time. The scenery is amazing. The air is always crisp and fresh. And the people are very nice. When I first arrived, I really wanted to see as much of the country as I could. I am a city gal for most of my life. And this was a chance to see earth’s best spots. I had my own personal list of places that I wanted to go to. And I have finally completed it. So now, I have picked out 12 of my favourite holiday destinations...

Great Stuff 030.

Posted on Feb 28, 2010 in Bing, Great Stuff, Nature, New Zealand

I love looking at the beautiful flowers in New Zealand. Once the warm weather comes, they start popping out everywhere and the country is transformed instantly into a colourful paradise. This one had really caught my eye. For me, this little wild flower by the roadside represents so many things in life. That life is like this, constantly unfolding and releasing new stuff. That within a flower lies so many little flowers. And how they are all intertwined together. It kind of represents the world we live in....

Great Stuff 029.

Posted on Feb 27, 2010 in Bing, Great Stuff, Nature, New Zealand

Last Friday evening, we took a walk at the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park. This park is high up on a hill next to the beach, and has a great view of the beach and the surrounding retail and residential area. The hubby likes it there because it has a large field and he has a weird thing for large fields. He likes to run in them. So on Friday, we went there for a walk after dinner, and stumbled upon a sunset that was so beautiful, it left me trembling. I swear I’m not being dramatic. My photos don’t do the view any justice. It was beautiful in an ethereal way. There was a long stretch of silver lining along the darkened clouds. The city was outlined in the dark, and you can spot the spectacular Sky Tower...

The Biggest Loser.

Posted on Feb 18, 2010 in Bing, Friends, Life, Nature, New Zealand

There’s a dog in our life here in Auckland and he’s our friends’ labrador, Cookie. Both the hubby and I adore him because he’s got the nicest temperament ever in a dog. And he’s friendly and manja (translate: loving and cuddly). We are always happy to see Cookie. The cutest thing about Cookie is that he’s the greediest dog we’ve ever met. Once he sees food, he’ll get so excited, he’s practically trembling. He eats everything, even durians. Yeap, we’ve tried feeding him that too. Hahaha.. so it was no surprise that when he had first arrived in our friends’ home, he was not a dog, but a polar bear. He looked like a sausage roll. He was placed on a strict diet immediately. Just biscuits. And the occasional.. ok, more than just occasional.. treats that we gave him....

Stuck in the Wilderness :
Part 8 – Sunset at Golden Bay.

Posted on Feb 14, 2010 in Bing, Nature, New Zealand, Photography

The beaches of along Abel Tasman National Park are northwest facing. We got to see several spectacular sunsets. I’ve always struggled with taking that perfect shot of a sunset. I want to see the sun rays, outline of the clouds, and shadows of the subjects at ground level. For the longest time, my sunset shoots were a disaster. Until recently, I finally discovered the trick. I just lowered my camera exposure by one or two notch. And the shots turned out MUCH better. All archived posts of Stuck in the Wilderness are here....

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