Who’s Tomo?

Hi everyone, I’m Tomo.

I’m from Japan, but I was living with some chap in Hong Kong before Bing spotted me. She fell in love.. ahem!.. with me and paid a sum of money to this chap at some funny place called Ebay. And before I knew it, I was wrapped up tight in plastic and was stuck in there for 2 weeks in the dark.

When I finally saw light again, I saw a really excited face looking at me. She kept twisting my head and bending my arms. I wanted to bite her.

Later, I found out that her name is Bing. And apparently, she likes to take pictures. Especially of me. But then, that’s because I am exceptionally handsome and cute.

I like to go on top of things and be “on top of the world”. I also like being outdoors and sitting in the sun. The sun makes my skin look good. Almost translucent.

Bing keeps me in her bag with her most precious camera lenses. I think that means I am as expensive and precious to her as those giant black glass stuff. I like that. And I like Bing. I think she’ll be fun to chill with. And I’m cool of course. I’ll go wherever she takes me. As long as she doesn’t stick me in some cow dung and ask me to pose. She’s known for some crazy stuff, you know.

Keep checking me out HERE. If you think I’m cute too, don’t forget to leave a comment to tell me.

Till then, Tomo’s out.



  1. I actually have your blue cousin, Tomo. I don’t have a name for him, but he’s blue and wears a superman cape and likes to pretend to have superpowers and fly. Sadly, he’s blind as his eyes disappeared after years of carrying him about with my thumb drive. Maybe one day, if you guys are lucky, you two can meet up and reunite again. Haha!

  2. Hi Tomo, nice to meet you.
    You’re cute, that’s why Bing loves you. :)

  3. hi, bing. just got to see your blog and i like it. :) I have collected a few series for Tomo’s family, maybe i can photo shooting them one day when i get a shelf for them :)

  4. Hi Bing dropping by to say hi because Tomo looks absolutely cute as your photography mascot! Very creative shots you’ve taken of him.

  5. Hello

    I am going over to joburg for work soon. Am concerned about the safety aspect of the place. How is it driving there and which areas are good to live in? I am a chinese Singaporean lady.

    Appreciate If u can share some thoughts

    • Hi Jy! SA is a wonderful country and I am sure you will grow to love it here as I have. I have a post on whether it is safe in SA and perhaps you would like a read to find some comfort. I know how scary it is initially. =p


      It’s safe to drive but there are some basic safety driving habits to look out for, and there are many great places to live in. Feel free to email me at bing@storyofbing.com if you want more information or would like a deeper discussion! =)

  6. Ah! This is so cute! First time at your blog, Bing, and I’m loving it! I have a mascot for my blog too. Her name is Bun Bun. I think Bun Bun and Tomo will be very good friends! 😀

    • I’m glad you like Tomo. Bun Bun sounds so cute too! =)

  7. Tomo, I’ve just seen how Bing set you up for the manure shot and….you’re so small! Such a teeny tiny little character – you look so large in photos :-)

    • Clare, you do know that you’ve just struck a conversation with a very tiny kid right? I’ll make sure you guys meet in person next time. Haha! xxx

      • Bing, of course I know that! I can’t imagine why you haven’t invited him to lunch with the ladies yet. Oh wait, it’s because one of us might accidentally swallow him without realising it 😉

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